A dark and dangerous land…

“A great and terrible magical war swept across this land many years ago, leaving the very fabric of the weave scarred and pitted in its wake. Records vary over who started the war or why but there can be no victors after such a catastrophe. A great many spell casters lost their lives during and shortly after the magical wars. Many blamed the Arcane practitioners of the day, for they in their arrogance and insolence believed that they could meddle with the very elements of creation without fearing repercussion. For many years after the war’s end they were hunted down and persecuted.
Others believe all of the sentient beings at the time overstepped their bounds. In any case we are left with the consequences. Regions of land exist where magic behaves wildly beyond control, or ceases to function entirely – a fissure in the weave. The art of crafting magical items has also dwindled to obscurity, and many folk fearing those they already possess have cast them away or hidden them. Those enchanted relics still hiding in attics and strongboxes now seem strangely reluctant to reveal their powers.”

-Sage Ilyarion Courier

  • A massive magical war has occurred, similar to the history of Eberron
  • Unlike in Eberron where magic was embraced by industry, magic is often feared and misunderstood by common folk
  • Evil has thrived in the aftermath of the magical tempest, the wilderness and uncharted areas are teeming with monsters – many never encountered before and more terrible than anyone could imagine.
  • Most towns of any significant size are walled, with armed guards on patrol, vigilant against the encroaching darkness just beyond.
  • The forces of good have shied away from the wild and unpredictable magic, to their cost
  • The number of gifted spell casters has dwindled since the war
  • A great number of magical items were hidden, buried or cast away by those fearful of their power.
    – Further the art of their crafting has become quite rare
    (An exception to this is the art of Alchemy which has been on the rise recently)
  • Identify spells are now so prone to fizzling or producing inaccurate, hazy results that some schools of magic have stopped teaching them.

Character Creation

Scars of Suldairia

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