Scars of Suldairia

Is it even worth it? (Isto)

mental log

(Isto is laying on a rooftop alone. He seems to be fighting to be focused as his eyes fade in color.)

“I……..I failed.”
“She… I cant believe…… Why would she say that?”
[Long Pause]

“After all of the things we talked about… being together…….. Our ambitions……. Children……. Is she even telling me the truth. She could still be lying to me………… Maybe she is using me like everyone else.”

Isto sits up and rips off a simple necklace. The necklace being one made of leather with a marble tied at the center. He is looking into it hard, doing his best to remain focused.

“I Hope I am wrong…. I pray to whatever holy or unholy worthless god that is listening to me right now that I am wrong.”

[Long pause, the log seems to break as Isto slightly recovers.]

“I was harsh, maybe too harsh. I had to stop her. Living with the guilt of acting out on revenge… She was sounding like me… I did not want her to become me…. Maybe she is just playing a game with me. Seeing how I squirm….” Isto’s thoughts grow more and more frustrated. Isto sits up to and looks over an alleyway and throws the necklace.

Or at least tries to, he stops himself. “Maybe……….. Maybe I am not ready for this….Just hearing her admitting to wanting to be…… I was willing to give up the Mask to make our dreams possible.. Now, I wonder if its even worth it.” Isto just stares at the marble and does his best not to break down. Isto pulls up his cloak and the connection is lost.



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