Scars of Suldairia

Leaving Town (Amben)

I thought we had it tougher in town. I was wrong.

Along our path, we have monsters of some kind in the wetlands surrounding us, including something called “naga”, which don’t sound very nice to deal with. If we stay on the path, though, we could potentially run into soldiers, who aren’t very nice to deal with. I can’t wait….

To make things worse, while baulder managed to work something out with the naga around our camp to not kill us, he then proceeded to throw mud in isto’s face. Which caused a small war of sorts among baulder, isto and mamori. So thanks to their immaturity, we had to keep moving to get away from whatever we may have pissed off.

Then we ran into some merchant caravan. Alara saw something in one of the carriages, which made her scream, which caused the four hooded people around that carriage to transform into fat devil things. Well, they weren’t human, and I could’ve sworn I heard isto say something to them in his demon tongue, but I guess ‘devil’ is just a guess. Seems fitting, though.

While the powerhouses worked on two of them, and Rasgo took care of another one, I was slowly realizing my arrows weren’t doing their kind of damage, even the ones that were enchanted. Sure, I was able to hit them quite a few times, but after watching one of them get their stomach sliced open, I had a little less confidence that my arrows were going to take them down.

That’s when I realized that mamori hadn’t shown up since jumping away to the carriage, and that a large…thing…had emerged. I’m not sure what it did to her, but I’m not letting it get away so easily, and for its sake, mamori better be all right.



Leaving Town (Amben)

da fuc? i commented “<3><3”>
and it broke

Leaving Town (Amben)



Leaving Town (Amben)

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