Scars of Suldairia

Let's Go, I'm More Ready then Ever!

Too much shit to talk about, short story, I hate Antuzia


“Well, I thnk I have this thing working once again. Ah, it’s been so long since I did the last one. Hells, I was getting to that point where I wasn’t sure if buying them was such a good idea in the first place. But, I paid gold pieces for these and I have the time. Gotta make it more of an effort to get some time to talk to these things.”

“Regardless, lots has happened since my last entry. Too much for me to discuss. The bottomline is that we were sent to Antuzia, we were captured, we escaped because of Isto’s friend, whose also a total bitch, and now we’re hunting down an angel…”

“And now that I say it out loud it really does sound terrible. This angel’s name is Zahafial, and he’s supposedly working for the White Lord. While I’m all for going after members of the White Lord…I’m having doubts about this. Despite him being a White Lord worshipper…he’s still an angel. They’re supposed to be all that is good and pure in this world and I know that he’s only doing what he thinks is right. Who am I to impart any sort of judgement on him for it? I’ve never exactly been the best at making decisions, and I make mistakes constantly. I know he’s White Lord but…”

There’s a loud sigh as Baulder remains quiet for a moment before speaking once again. “I suppose I’ll just have to make that decision when I get to it. Anyways, it’s been awful in this giant land of sand and heat. It’s literally the worst place I’ve ever visited. I have sand in places I never thought I’d get sand in! Ugh. The people are all out to stab one another and no one has any common courtesy. Gah! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it!”

“Bah! Anyways, one our travels we ended up walking through miles of this thing called a spell scar. I’ve heard about them before but they’re nothing like what I thought they’d be. There’s no magic, of any sort, within them. Everything looked flat and dull and not nearly as beautiful as most of the world does. What’s worse is that the Fellblade wouldn’t respond, Alara couldn’t speak with Ilmater, and Rabdao had none of his abilities beside his sword training. And let’s be honest that isn’t exactly the best. Because of it, and the damnedable heat, I was a complete jackass throughout all of it. So was everyone else, but me in particular i was just an asshole. Ugh. Never want to walk through one of those again in this heat. Sure, some other place I could live walking through but I hate this heat and it’s made me so mad for most of it.”

There’s another loud sigh, and a pause before he continues, his tone shifting to one that is lighter. “That being said, we managed to get out. Nearly bled out with the fight the sandshark but Isto has been on his game throughout this place. His psionics never gave out, and he really went deep to defeat one of them. Got swallowed up and used his powers to wound it constantly. I think I was riding on it at one point. Mamo’s mind magicks were just fine too but…apparently Kitsune’s shapeshifting forms don’t work within a scar, and we were able to see her true form. And, speaking as someone who can say this without anyone hearing it, she’s actually incredibly attractive. Don’t get me wrong, Alara is more beautiful then a thousand glittering stars, but Mamo was…is…attractive…Gods I hope no one hears that. I wonder if all Kistune’s look like that? I mean, they should but no one ever sees their true forms. I wonder how many people I’ve met that were really Kistune…I’m getting distracted.”

He clears his throat. “Well, once we left the spellscar we were greeted by our elusive friend Nathaneil. Apparently, he’s the reinforcements that the Shadows sent and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see him. He was traveling with these people covered completely in bandages called the Kyroon. Isto said all they did was go around helping people, and they seem to be the nicest people I’ve met since coming to his place. But, they’re clearly not people, and from what I can tell their some sort of lizard like race. They have snouts behind the bandages, and I think they have some sort of tail. I feel terrible though, because apparently the White Lord is hunting these guys down and just killing them. They haven’t spoken to me, or to anyone I don’t think, and I wish I could get some sort of info from them so I can help…guess it’s just something I’ll have to help where I can. For now.”

“Now, as to the whole reason I wanted to write…speak this journal bit is the dream I had last night…it was incredible, the last time I had a dream was when we were in the ruins and this felt even more real then that. I was in some swamps, I could swear it was like the Nevassa bog and I was surrounded by my friends. All of them! Everyone I’ve fought beside was there in that bog, but we were getting stuck in the swamp and it looked like we would get sucked in…but I dug down really deep inside. I managed to pull everyone out of the swamp and muck, and I felt this great energy of excitment and power run through me, like birds were exploding from a cage within my chest! And then birds /did/ fly from my chest and the swamp dried and broke around us!” Baulder’s excitement is apparent in his face, and one could practically feel the smile. “There was more to it but…I’m nervous to share the rest…regardless at the end, when I woke up, I felt better then I had in a very long time. I feel like I’m taking my first steps to truely becoming a great hero. I’m ready to take on anyone right now, even an angel or a pit fiend it doesn’t matter! Ha! I can hardly wait. I’ll get to do more of these, I think this one is running out of space. But…its good to let this out to someone other then the group. Or my strange distant friend.”



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