Scars of Suldairia

Mental log-Mistakes [Isto]

I had a new dream that allowed me to break my hold on gravity. I wonder if I can, in the dream state, unlock other powers and such? During this dream, I was bounded by tiny ropes, it was difficult to breathe. I forced my body with my mind to overcome these bindings. I woke up floating in the air with the others looking at me strangely. It was a very odd dr…………. [Static.]

[The static fades for a moment.] I am standing here, holding that simple necklace that Mamori gave me. I am holding my love in my arms as she sleeps. I am such a fucking idiot. Mamori I am sorry.

I just… I am an Idiot. It is because of me we are out here…. Hell, I bet it is because of me we were thrown in the pits. Ever since then, I have just been trying to do my best to keep you all safe… I just dont want to lose you again… I lose you all every night since we arrived… And it is always my fault.. [static, but only lightly. now sounds like there is crying between thoughts]

I dont want to lose you… or any of the others… That is why I went behind your back to Alara, I was just trying to keep you safe. I never wanted to hurt you like that. But every step I seem to try to take to protect everyone, I just drive them away.
[Pure static, but within the white noise, sobbing can be heard.]



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