Scars of Suldairia

Mr. Velvety Smooth (Amben)

We finally make it into the Fort, which is definitely one of the largest and most intimidating places I think I’ve come across, and travel to Baulder’s home. I had talked him out of worrying so much, which ended up awkwardly, but he seemed to have his head about him. Thankfully.

Mrs “Mama” Runedar was actually quite an interesting woman, if not a “earn your place at the table” type. I feel bad for Alara, who was guilty by any association with Baulder, but I’m not sure even the most powerful magicks could change that. I, on the other hand, was unaffected by this, and even went out of my way to help out, thinking that maybe I could help save her reputation as “that girl with Baulder”. While I did manage to win her good side, it seems that most of my efforts didn’t really do much for Alara, other than keep her from being kicked out.

Mrs Runedar even lent us and Nidalee a nice little house by the river, with somewhat seemingly mixed intentions, but we took her up on her offer and spent the night there (with some dancing by rabdao…). Surprisingly, I slept extremely well, which was odd since I chose to sleep in one of the beds for the first time in a long while. Maybe sleeping indoors is a bit more reassuring than I remember it being.

But then the morning sun came up, and everything decided to happen. First, something happened before I got to the rest of the group, and Lai disappeared somewhere. Isto was mad, Baulder was mad, and I was not getting answers. Then Kai was missing, which was really bizarre, and Baulder offered to help track him (probably to forget about whatever was going on with them).

We found Kai hanging out with some stranger, a man in a cloak that I didn’t recognize. He darted away, but I got on Kai and chased after him, while poor Baulder was left in the dust… Come to think of it, though, the guy looked like he was barely walking, and Baulder wasn’t in his armor, so he must’ve been going faster than he appeared to be.

I remember catching up to him, seeing him turned to actually face me… blue eyes… fair skin… I said things… He said things… and, and then… he said something else… and he was gone again. Something about his voice, it was unnervingly smooth… and soft. I think.. I think I need to find this guy again. And not for the, uh, “emotionally weird” reasons. Something else about this guy seems familiar, but I didn’t get the chance to place it. Not that it would matter, I guess, if I knew who he was or not, I would be happy just melting in that voice again…

Where was I? Oh, right, going back. Uh, stuff happened that wasn’t as exciting, tried to get Lai’s magical bag for Isto because the mask was evil or something, Lai ran off to Sheasbury, and Alara sensed bad things. Mmm… that voice…

Wait, Lai left… like, he’s not with our group anymore…


Who’s supposed to keep this band of geniuses from killing the wrong people? Or each other? Up until now, Lai was sort of our go-to for various questions, and he knew quite a bit about most of the stuff we got ourselves into. I guess he didn’t do as well for the “prevent killing each other” part, but he was at least enough of a charmer to be a decent head of the party.

Oh, and Baulder’s left to go check on his childhood crush, Bella. So there’s that part, too.




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