Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 1)

So much has happened since last night and there’s so little time to collect my thoughts. We started our trip on horseback and a dire wolf. The dire wolf spooked some of the horses, but not my noble steed. We reached the town after a quarter of a day’s journey down the road and were too late, we just missed another attack. Had we left last night when we got the mission, we could have fended off this last attack. Unfortunately, you can’t change the past, but Malphite keeps reminding me of that fact. The cleric, Humf, began creating copious amounts of water to put out fires, so I followed him and helped. He also healed townsfolk revealing scars that went beyond just his hands. They were also on his feet.

As usual, I began helping and fighting without using any powers, or vomiting like a few others, but then a large battle erupted. I decided that saving the lives were more important than remaining hidden. Wasn’t this why I was called for this battle? I secretly used a couple of powers as I fought. I noticed the bugbears barking orders in the back of the group and shot one and began taunting them to draw attention away from the townsfolk we were sent to protect. They seemed distracted by the large angel and did not attempt to retaliate against me.

And then something happened. In order to better complete the mission, I had to display powers. The decision was made and I threw a ball of ectoplasm like one would throw a disc at a bugbear. Nobody seemed to care, maybe they were busy watching the flashy magical effects. Afterwards, I created a small ectoplasmic dragon that applied the critical tail swipe killing the final standing bugbear. None of the townspeople have mentioned the dragon yet and would probably think it was created by Lei or Humf after their other flashy moves. My party was fully prepared for it already, so hopefully my secret can remain safe.

Somewhere during the fight, Malphite began yelling about that small hooded figure joining the fight, but he was trying to help so I didn’t focus on him too much. I’m sure Malphite has that situation handled.

Malphite was so excited about the action and wanted a more active role. I told him to wait patiently and that his time would come sooner than later seeing how we have a sort of forced trust forming with this group. Why is this rock asking to talk to the cat since I displayed a couple of powers?! There are more important issues at hand!!


That is quite an interesting way to cover your own actions there, blame them on the obvious spellcasters :P


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