Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 38)

Rasgo journal

This morning, Isto stopped by. We chatted for a few minutes and I gave him three important things: 2 buckets of salve to last through early afternoon sparring, and Malphite. The sparring and training would include Soryu, Isto, and Mamori. Isto claimed that him and Soryu were evenly matched, and that he was handicapped by a new weapon type. I’m not so sure.

Throughout the day, I was alone, meditating, shedding away the old skin, like a snake. This allowed for the new, better skin to take its place. As I meditated, I retreated back to the visions I’ve had all my life. I remembered what was effective, and what wasn’t. I remembered what I liked, and what I didn’t care for.

I practiced swinging phantom limbs and wings in my mind, as I focused, watching everything with my third eye. There were no interruptions throughout the day, just concentration and focus. My breathing slowed down to a deep breath once per minute or so. I could feel my heart beat slowly every few seconds as I reached a truly relaxed state. At some point, I fell asleep when I was done. The sleep felt as good as the elven magic water sleep. I was so relaxed. I woke up to knocking at the door.

As I stood, I was invigorated and alive with new energy. It was like some energy stoppage was cleared within me. This is how it should feel. As I approached the door, I noticed the distinct lack of Malphite with me. It was odd, we had never spent this kind of time away. Lai had invited everyone to dinner for a secret meeting in his room.

We entered an extra-dimensional space at the top of a rope, out of site of magically scrying eyes and ears. Lai reiterated some of the things that Cecelia told us earlier, and added a few things. Apparently, there’s a lot of commotion about Baulder being in town. He has been all around town showing his face, even after my warnings the past few days. I cannot supervise him all day long, but I may need to send Malphite with him to remind him to be careful all day. I think Malphite would enjoy the sparring that would surely happen.

Lai also told us about someone in prison that may have information about the events happening. This guy is chained with orichalcum chains, so it must be important that he remain in prison. We intend to release him and obtain his information. Rabdao seems to think that the chains are very valuable, but not worth taking to give to Cecelia to help pay for a protective spell or item that her and her son need. He thinks that we would be easy to find with such powerful magic on us. I wondered if putting the chains in a lead box would do the trick, like the magic book, but didn’t bring that up.

Instead of using the priceless chains, we plan to steal from Montano’s Fort south of here to help Cecelia and Anastasia go into hiding. But that’s several days away, right now, we have bigger problems that require more comprehension. We also heard about how the White Lord and Montano are enemies and the only things preventing each other from taking over the continent. Now they’ve made some kind of truce, stopping their fighting. We need to help create a third group to defeat them both when they’ve weakened each other.

I gave the group a small amount of information about my changes and showed them Malphite and myself in new forms. Malphite was an eagle, and I was a pixie. My flying was barely less clumsy than the first attempt. Baulder, as usual, couldn’t mentally take it. I explained how I had grown out of some of my powers, and how they’d never see the constructs again. Nobody seemed to understand it, and I couldn’t explain since I didn’t understand it either. I’d never heard of anything like this happening before.

Isto showed a new power that heals him by hurting someone else. It’s like the reverse of empathic transfer. Baulder showed us something he’s been practicing where he rages like the minotaur, but his sword also glows orange. He doesn’t exactly what’s happening, but likes it. He collapsed after a few seconds though. I advised him to not use that technique at the jail breakout.

Shortly after, we were distracted by Lai’s detection of scrying magic in the room below us. Something was looking for us. When it was clear, we exited, all falling on Baulder to cushion our fall. Lai urged everyone out of the room as he investigated a piece of magic paper left behind in the room.

I was practicing my new forms when Rabdao knocked on the door with a message. That paper said that everyone must meet in the town square at midnight. It is a summons from the Dark Lord. Whatever it is, we’ll have to change our vague plans accordingly.

I tried my best to make sure that we were as prepared as possible for what would happen in the near future, but nobody seemed to care about planning like I cared. I must be prepared for anything, to keep everyone safe by whatever means necessary. The future plans with the jailbreak and robbery can’t result in any of our deaths. It just can’t.

As I walked down the hallway, out of the room, I had another vision…
… I was a choker standing still with my long arms dangling to my sides. I was manifesting powers at twice my normal speed. In several seconds, I used most of my power for the day… before a terrible creature came out of nowhere. A grotesque, bulbous, flying mass that extrudes three thick tendrils, each one capped with a eyeball that augments the central eye in its body. Three pairs of stubby wings protruded from along the sides of its disgusting form, and as imbalanced as the creature seemed to be, it was difficult to see how they can possibly support its weight. There was a whirlwind of shadow about it’s slimy, bulbous, eye covered mass, and from that shadow came tentacles- three of them, and they seized me! They came so fast, I couldn’t even see them before they were upon me. I tried to move away, but I had already spent so much of my power, I could not escape. It pulled me in toward it, my vision just full of that big, yellow, hideous eye, and it began to squeeze- and then I woke.



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