Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 39)

Rasgo journal

After some personal study, I met with the others to go to the town meeting. It was a gruesome event. Montano showed his cruelty and potential generosity as he tried to convince everyone to turn in Cecelia, the black mage, and her son. I left, sickened at the thought of what I had just witnessed. Rabdao lost all reasoning and wanted to go out and oppose them immediately without planning. The rest of us kept our heads a little better.

We had a meeting and I tried to get everyone to do more actual planning and to use logic to determine what’s a good idea vs a bad idea. We determined that although Rabdao was the only one who initially wanted to do the jailbreak, I was slowly being convinced after hearing about how the task could potentially be done. But we still didn’t have enough information to make a wise decision. We needed Isto for this meeting, and he was gone doing something that was secret and important for the night according to Mamori.

We also concluded that we need to head down to see Baulder’s mother after we leave and that we must go over the mountain to get to the elven lands safely from Kendora. By the time the meeting ended, I felt much better about our group’s ability to make decisions as a team. I needed to spar with someone experienced and got a few volunteers. Mamori and I followed Rabdao to a location that he used to practice earlier and I shifted to a few different forms. The cryohydra felt odd, but very rewarding, and my speech was understandable too. The wyvern was more comfortable on the ground, but not very reliable in the air yet. The rukanyr was very uncomfortable and something that seemed like it came straight from nightmares. I thought Rabdao would have nightmares, but I was mistaken, it would be me very soon with nightmares coming true before me.

During the last spar, we were approached by two lovers on a night stroll and I immediately shifted back to normal. The lovers walked by and only saw Rabdao sparring alone in a patch of destroyed forest as Mamori and I hid and watched. On the way back, I walked and practiced moving and talking as an annis hag. This humanoid form was very comfortable and felt like a taller version of myself, but a lot stronger. I liked the way the form appeared deceptively weak.

During my sleep, I awoke to some dulling effect on me. When I asked Malphite if he noticed anything, there was no response. Immediately, I knew something was wrong, but what? There was a psionic dulling effect surrounding Malphite, no matter where he was moved. Isto and Mamori arrived as I was trying to figure out what was happening out in the hallway. Mamori didn’t ask many questions and I was thankful. Isto, who I trusted with as much information that I could give without compromising the rest of my surviving relatives, asked away telepathically.

I explained as much as I could about the origins of what was going on when there was a loud telepathic screech and Malphite screamed “Kalaraq!” before going silent. Whatever happened was over. Isto and Mamori left and returned. During that time, I healed Malphite the best I could and could sense that he was doing something like sleeping in some state of recovery. As I tried to comfort him, Isto returned and tried to wrap his mind around what happened.

After an extended telepathic conversation between us, I was on the receiving end of a be careful speech and Isto was the one giving it. Things have change so much. Isto seemed to only be concerned with Maori’s safety, and mildly concerned with the safety of the rest of the group. I think he confuses her girlish figure with helplessness. Is he in love? And if so, why did he just explain how he let the mask have high class sex using his body? Whatever he has to do for this mask gets stranger and stranger.

I had another vision while I cradled Malphite in my room in silence…
… I was running for my life, unaware of how I would escape. I could no longer see what was chasing me in the darkness, but I knew it was still back there. I quickly turned into a dragonfly and flew away at full speed, flying through the canopy of trees…



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