Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 40)

Rasgo journal

NIDALEE IS BACK!!! She arrived earlier today with Nathaniel. Nidalee looks and acts the same as when I last saw her. Nathaniel magically looks different to conceal his identity since he was spotted helping Cecelia and the militia is swarming around town. We had another meeting and I tried to steer it in the direction of actually having a set plan.

When Lai wouldn’t hold Isto’s mask in his extra dimensional bag, I talked about our options for splitting up. That resulted in Lai agreeing to take the mask in his bag. After my wise consult, we all agreed to get to Baulder’s mother, teleport to Sheasbury, and then teleport to the next town, to avoid some dangerous traveling. As usual, Nathaniel will break away from the group soon, and catch up to us later on.

Nidalee seemed to get along with the group well, and told some embarrassing stories about me. I’m sure more will come eventually. Her exaggerations are pretty entertaining when they aren’t about me, but I can say that she told them well, with the talent of a bard. Also, several of us, including my sister, went to see me spar using some new forms.

Baulder showed me how to better fight as these creatures. My favorite forms so far seem to be the hydra, hag, girallon, and wyvern, but I’ve only used them for a few days, so who knows how my whims may change? I’m tired, time to sleep…

By the way, I had a quick vision while Baulder was talking between forms…
… I was conducting an interrogation, but the dwarf did not seem to fear me. After getting nowhere, I turned into a wyvern, which also didn’t scare him, but then, I carried him higher and higher into the air, threatening to drop him. This scared him. When he told his first lie, I dropped him through a cloud. Once he vanished, I swooped down at full speed behind him…



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