Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 41)

Rasgo journal

The next day, we prepared to leave. During the preparations, I was fully ready to go, and was waiting on the others to finish packing up. Nidalee needed a horse, and then the drama began. I didn’t have the gold or proper gemstone denominations to buy a horse on me. As I asked for some of the treasure we looted during our adventures, everyone decided that they knew how to handle the money best.

Many minutes later, I arrived at the stables, ready to buy a horse with a bag of 100 gold. I got Nidalee’s horse, saddle, etc, and returned. On the road, I asked Baulder about what kind of creatures we may encounter on the road and he mentioned a few. After a while, we came upon a city of tents, the white lord army, a mile off of the road. We continued, and I made sure that Baulder’s disguise was holding up. His posture is something he needs more practice on.

We stopped and slept overnight and it was uneventful outside of Baulder talking to some naga. The next morning, Mamori, Baulder, and Isto were fooling around causing a huge commotion. Their antics were clearly not well thought out. I would have done so much better. Nidalee was holding up pretty well. I was proud of her.

We were passing a caravan when Alara screamed. Immediately after, 4 hooded people on horseback, surrounding a cart with something inside that reminded Lai of Flotibahl, transformed. They turned into severely gross looking and obese devils. My first thought, for some reason, was “are their horses hurt?” The rest of the humans fled the scene in terror. Apparently, they didn’t expect that to happen.

Normally, at a time like this, I would have prepared to stand back and let my dragons do the work, protecting everyone they could, while I smear entangling ectoplasm all over the enemies. But this time, that thought didn’t even cross my mind. I dismounted, and prepared to fight as a girallon. As I focused, I could feel the power and strength growing within me. I felt my aggression surge as I transformed, ready to rip them to shreds. Right after, one of the devils blew some magic fire breath at us. I didn’t care, I was ready to kill them all. I could feel my upper fists clenching, as my lower hands flexed. The breath attack seemed to sap away some of my strength, but there was no stopping me.

I felt the surge of energy inside me as Rabdao casted haste on us. It felt good. I barred my teeth, and surged off to the right, making my way to the back of their line. As I assessed the situation, I noticed that Mamori was hidden somewhere, but more importantly, Nidalee was behind the line, although a little singed from the burn. The next thing I knew, I had run on foot and knuckle to the back of the enemy line, alone. After the long run, it was all I could do to just reach out and try to hit one of the devils. The untrained swing flew wild as I missed him completely. Once I got my footing, it was a different story. My next swing tripped one of the devils, and after that, there was a series of powerful swipes that kept ripping at his flesh.

My blood lust had reached its peak. I had never felt like that in my life, and it felt good. This felt right. I clawed and clawed until he stopped moving. I could feel the slimy entrails oozing between my massive fingers as he died. Before I had a chance to view my kill, the body began to fade away in a series of sparkles, depriving me of my prize.

The sparkles and excitement seemed to trigger a vision…
… I was in an enemy armory and starving. There was sparkling metal in every direction, and I didn’t know where to start. I tasted the sword that my hind leg was rubbing against first. It was excellent. Then I touched a suit of armor with my other antenna and watched it crumble into the best looking pile I had ever seen. This was heaven for a rust monster…



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