Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Pre-game)

Rasgo journal

My last several meditations have been over whether I’m being led into a trap and what I should do if that is the case. Now that it’s all resolved in my mind, I can review what has happened the past week.

First, Malphite was and is eager to experience whatever is about to happen to us and the excitement is rubbing off on me, although I try to remain calm and level headed. I have so many questions for my parents about this secretive guild in Sheasbury. Hopefully, I can talk to them soon because no book that I’ve read even mentions this guild. As far as I know, this should be a positive and enriching experience.

I kept going over what Nair and Silan told me and didn’t tell me. If they were who I thought they were, they should have attacked instead of sending me off on a wild goose chase to reach the hideout. I’m relieved to see that they were telling the truth and that this place seems organized.

I have talked to several of my new guild mates excitedly and noticed many battle techniques that I had not yet witnessed, but only read about. The area seemed to be segregated by battle techniques. This was the most interesting part about the whole experience. I found myself often alone observing the different techniques looking for a hint of anything psionic. The closest I saw was arcane magic.

The archers would gather around the target range, which is the only gathering that made sense to me. The close ranged weapon users would spar in the middle area. The low armor arcane users gathered together while some excitedly boasted about their triumphs to each other and others had intellectual conversations. My sister, Nidalee, would certainly be in the boasting crowd while I would gravitate to the intellectual side.

I thought about practicing my techniques and uttering gibberish and waving my hands around, but I had no idea if the arcane users would notice that I was a fake. Malphite urged me to do it, even after I explained to him thoroughly several times why that would be a bad idea for our safety. I had to remain quiet about my ways until I knew I could trust those that witnessed my unique power to not go telling the wrong people, intentionally or not.

Some individuals in the practice room stuck out to me like the shapeshifting druid that turned into a gorilla and joined the melee group without weapons.

I had the pleasure of meeting a dwarf named Humf that gave card readings to individuals almost for free. I tried it and the readings were terribly vague, in such a way that they would apply to almost anyone. Even so, everyone liked him and his hands were badly burned by something. I enjoyed overhearing his readings that he gave. I could see why people enjoyed his company.

There was a half elf named Amben that had a scythe and a long bow, a very odd combination. I figured that she probably also had secrets like me, and didn’t want to divulge too much information. She keeps a large armored dire wolf outside of town as a pet. That’s something you don’t see every day. I admire her ability to keep secrets.

I met a talkative human named Baulder whose heavy armor was badly scratched by beasts of various unknown types. His sword was of very nice quality, but had unkempt cloth wrapped around the handle and too much dangling off of the sword. Baulder would practice a command while striking as if some magic effect would happen, but it never did. He was the only melee fighter that I saw consistently leaving his section. He would go boast with the arcane boasting section.
There was one guy that would practice in the melee section that always kept his dark cloak covering his very small gnomish or halfling body. I never got his name, but he would go in and out a lot. I don’t know of his intentions, but he stands out and will be watched carefully. Malphite won’t stop bringing him up.

One of the intellectuals seemed to talk much more than the rest about philosophy and other things and seemed to win most debates that they had. His nickname was Lai and he was an elf. I enjoyed listening to Lai during his debates and random chats. Oddly, he kept a horse just outside with a violin case, but did not play his violin like the other instrument players that stayed in the boasting group.

Although I got around town too a bit, there was nothing unusual there that I noticed and the practice room was where all of the excitement was. Malphite wanted to spend every minute in that room and I couldn’t blame him.

Earlier today, I was called for my first mission, but I wasn’t given details. I was given money to get a horse for the journey and fell in love with a well mannered, sturdy gem of a horse. She was black with a white head and well kept. I spent some time getting to know her while some of the others in my party went to a festival. There was no way I would be caught dead doing festivities right before a mission of great importance. Proper preparation is something that I pride myself on and would never be caught unprepared if I could help it.

I was glad to see that some of my favorite people in the practice room would be adventuring with me. I was shocked and saddened to see that Humf and Baulder were involved in a drinking contest the day of our mission! Unfortunately, Baulder was mentally destroyed beyond repair, but he had a talking cat with him that he was talking to. The cat was named Flotibahl and didn’t speak common very well when I asked a few questions. All I really found out was that Master Darius somehow got it here from somewhere using some item.

Malphite had question after question for Flotibahl and begged me to let them chat. I refused because he was not allowed to talk to anyone and talking cats were included. My best argument was that even if he did speak to Flotibahl, it would not be in private and the cat would speak out loud to nobody while having a one sided conversation. Malphite tried to reason that a babbling talking cat couldn’t be believed by anyone and that nobody understood most of what she said anyway, but I didn’t cave in.

Just before this meditation began, I was given troubling news. First, there was a small town, Alaspar, being overrun by monsters of some sort without support from the local militia. Second, when given the opportunity to go help immediately, most of the group was too unprepared to stop the slaughter!

Afterwards, during the beginning of this meditation, I had another vision. I was in a large group in combat with what appeared to be humans and monsters fighting along side each other against us. As usual, our group also had beasts of various types fighting along side us. I gave the command and my Hydra sprayed the Annis Hag and the Roper attempting to flank us and prevented them from attacking my fighter friend. I gave a mental command someone opened a portal with a smooth, dark grey cloaker gliding through in full attack mode. As usual, the vision ended as quickly as it began, but it had much more detail than usual. There seemed to be a link between excitement levels during meditation and intensity and vividness of the visions.

I have not figured out the best time to display my powers. This must be thought through quickly and carefully.



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