Scars of Suldairia

The Death of Istoaufrien

Feeling the sand under my toes, the harsh winds against my face, the daystar singeing my flesh. All of this I missed it. This is my homeland. I was born and raised here in the desert. The dunes, the barren wastes between the towns. I am back, and not for the reasons I thought I would be.

I look upon this villa, the Villa of a sorcerer king. Not even 8 years ago I was here, slitting the throat of a target. Working besides a woman. The woman the only one I trusted. I would have loved her if it wasn’t for the monster I made myself into. The reason why I am here now is because she broke me and my friends out of the slave pits to kill an angel. This same woman, one I have destroyed due to how I felt about myself, tried to kill the woman I love. Why do I help her do this…. Only because this angel is a bigger plight on the land than her.

I am no longer a creature of revenge. I am not here to kill the ones who killed me. I am not here to take revenge or for power. I am here now, watching this angel. His suffering I know all too well. Being a puppet, with several puppet Masters. I am liberating this angel as well as myself. for days I have been planning on using one of my puppet masters to help me slay this angel. But no. Before the sun rises we will both be free.

I will no longer try to make my father’s dream a reality. I will no longer be a pawn for Gwyn and the syndicate. They will hunt me, but after this day. I will strive more for the better path. I will show her the mercy and kindness I should have shown her years ago. I will spare this angels life. I will n longer use the demon. I will do all of this for no one. Not for the bargains of the gods, not for gifts or boons. But for myself and the ones I love.

I look to my friends and to Moxi. I fight to keep them alive and to further the cause we fight for. In the past few hours, I have been listening to advice from many places. But the one place I haven’t been searching for advice recently is myself. What do I truly want? Why do I still deal with the mask? Why do I bargin with the god and mother of my love? It is because I am weak. What I want is to become stronger. Not so I can take revenge upon those who have done wrong to me. Not so I can keep myself safe. But I want to be stronger now to keep others safe.
I am still not sure if I can trust Mother Fox with the demon. Being a trickster god and the fact the mask is a very powerful tool. There is only one I can trust right now to keep it same from me and keep it safe from the world. Though, she trusts her mother. I just… I hope the trend does stay. Ones who give the mask to someone they trust tend to die..

Though, today I will be dieing in a way. The Istoaufrien Daere, assassin, son and heir to Clan Daere will die this day. Istoaufrien Daere, the man who saves an angel, will be born. The man who does things for love instead of hate will be born. The man who will try to do his best to keep his friends, his love ones, and the people who cannot defend themselves safe. I, Istoaufrien, will no longer be tempted by pacts with demons, gods, or whatever else comes my way. I am a warrior of the mind, whatever I needed has been inside of me all along.

I look to Moxi now, for the first time in a long time, I am happy. Soon, our tails will intertwine. Hopefully not for the last time.



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