Scars of Suldairia

The nightmare....

Please... please dont let this happen

The following page in Isto’s journal is written in his infernal/abyssal code like the rest… but this page seems to have been wet in a few places. As if someone was dropping water on the page. Some of the ink is smeared where these circular water marks. Were these dried tears?

The dreams, hell these are not dreams. The nightmares. They are getting worse. Ever since we been back in Sheasbury. I have been having less dreams about the people I murdered, about watching my parents die, and about the monster I was… This new dream, is well… It isnt about my past. I think my fears of what I left behind in Antuzia is beginning to manifest in my sleep finally. We are set to depart to my homeland later this day, and this dream. It just felt so real… Maybe it is just my fears I have been keeping to myself and expressing to others just festering in my mind. All the things that could go wrong, all the things I could now lose. I have people that I love, I have people that I will lay down my life for. I just fear that the people of Antuzia, the ones who have taken my innocence and my parents, might take my love and my friends.

I am going to try to write this dream down. Maybe it will help me forget. I much rather have the other nightmares, the nightmares of me killing people I barely knew…. Anyway…. here it goes.

It begins we me waking up in a cold dark room. I am forced upright, straps on my wrists and ankles holding me up. Another set of straps on my torso, and a final set anchoring my head still. A smooth voice, the one that betrayed my father…. His voice rang through the air.

“Ah Istoaufrien, son of Grayihan Daere. It has been a while since I have seen you. I believe it was when you FAILED your last mission and deserted your family.”

YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!” I screamed out. “YOU are using the empire my father built to seek your own means!”

the voice chuckles “Oh fair enough, but now WE Have you, the Mask… and your new partners. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson about disobeying an order and betraying me eh? Which one should I start with?”


The voice just laughs harderYOU have friends? Isto my lad. You are a monster. Who would ever befriend you? You are stronger than that. You dont need anyone. You are the perfect killing machine. And if I must destroy your friends to get back my Monster, then I will… Let us start with the annoying one. This Rabdao fellow.”

A cart is wheeled in, with Rabdao held upright in it. His body covered in gashes and brusies. His face is beaten and swollen. At this point Isto would be gagged so that he could not say anything. Rabdao is also gagged. The voice returns. “Now, this one just gets on my nerves. Always seems to be the good guy. His type sickens me. How could you EVER work with anyone such as this huh?” The man moves a dirty sheet off of a table beside Rabdao, revealing many pieces of torture equipment.

“Now perhaps I should just rip out his tongue then?” The man grabbed a pair of tongues and a wicked sharp, but rusted knife. Rabdao’s eyes would grow wide. Rabdao’s mouth was unbound just long enough for him to scream
“NO ISTO! DONT GIVE INNLAKLJKSLS” *the man grabbed rabdao’s tongue with the tongs. Pulling it out as far as it would go. Rabdao wincing in pain as the knife goes into his mouth, slowly cutting the tongue out of the man’s mouth.
“Ah much better… silence….” well, it was not truly silent, the gurgling of blood in Rabdao’s mouth was the only sound in the room. Rabdao’s eyes welling up as tears start to run down his beaten face… I was trying to break free of my bonds. Anger welled up inside of me. Knowing that they had the rest of them somewhere.

“Really Isto? This one? Already so angry. I can feel your hate. This is good. I need to recreate my monster… "The man quickly turns the dagger in his hand and slices Rabdao’s neck cleanly, the blood splatter going everywhere, but mostly on the torturer. “Well, maybe I should bring out your next friend. The big one eh? He is sure a strong spirited one. HE swore up and down that you would not break, and neither would he. I already took the liberty of doing a few things to him, AH here he is now!”

He pushed Rabdao’s twitching body to the side, his rack scooting across the floor. A body was thrown into the room with a bag over his head. But there was something odd about this body. The arms, they were stumps.. two bloody stumps. There was no way this was Baulder…. The canvas bag was removed and it was indeed Baulder! His eyes just so full of sorrow. Baulder was also gagged

“He was in fact easier to break than I thought. He seemed to be one who would try to headbutt me in this condition.” The man would grab Baulder by the hair and pull it back, resting that dagger on his throat "IT was So easy to convince him that we would save the others if he would sacrifice himself. To help me bring back that monster I created in you. " he would kick Baulder down, so that his head would lay on the floor to the side… A hench man walking over carrying…. The fellblade, already covered with blood. I tried to break free again but I couldnt… I tried screaming out but it only came out in a dry rasp….

The henchman lifted the blade as high as he could, The man would speak “He was a fool thinking I wouldnt kill each and every one of you to get what I want.” Baulders eyes would grow big with rage and sadness. Filling up with tears when the henchman then basically dropped it upon Baulder’s neck. It made a nasty crunching sound as it crushed the neck and then stuck into the ground. Baulders head just rolling off to the side. His face in pure pain and sadness. I Wanted to scream out. But I couldnt. This was horrible. Every fiber of my being wanted to just rip out of this harness and kill all of them… But I couldnt.

“Well, I guess I should get his lover out here. She was a real treat. She was already mostly broken before we even used her and beaten her. It seems she has been bound before. A compliant bitch is the best kind. Am I right Isto?” Oh gods no… USED her…. What about Mamori? DID THEY TOUCH MY MAMORI! The man would look to isto and smile “Of course we did. But you will see her soon enough. But first….” HE would snap his finger and the floor would shake, revealing a pit. The pit smelled of burnt flesh and oil… looking down he could see Alara… bound and naked. Her body glistened with what had to be Oil….. The man would grab a torch and would smile. I closed my eyes not wanting to see this.

“Now now Isto. I just killed two of your friends, and now you try to close your eyes? Not wanting to see this one burn alive huh? Well there is a way to fix that. " Two henchman came over with cruel devices.. placing them on Istos eyes. They would magically drill into my face… The burning was terrible.. The item pulled my eyes open, forcing me to watch everything now. "Now that is a good lad…. Now say good bye to this holy woman… " Dropping the torch into the pit. The oil filled room began to catch aflame. Alara’s screams of terror and pain as it engulfs her slowly. The smell of her burning flesh filling the room.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Her screams rattled my bones. It lasted for a couple of minutes but then the screams stopped finally… just the smell of her burnt flesh in my nostrils… it was too much and I began to puke, the gag hindering the flow and it lingered in my mouth.

“OH Isto. I remember the days where you would have done this to someone and not get sick. You have grown soft havent you? Well, let us hope for your sake that you finally remember who you are by the time we are done with these last two. How about that strong woman. The one with the wolf? Or should I say, had a wolf. Had to use something for leverage with her…. Killed her pup infront of her eyes. OH she was mad. Her anger was delcious. It was amazing ravishing her body. "
I was feeling sicker and sicker… this was all my fault… they are all dying because of me. I should have never came to Kendora… I should of just became a hermit. I could feel my heart breaking as they brought in Amben, bound by her hands. Her eyes seemed lost in thought. Her body equally abused as everyone else was. When she would look around the room seeing hte other three she would begin to cry “Isto… please… do something” The henchman pulling her in just slapped her across the face. “Shut up bitch. You will speak when spoken to.”

The henchman would take Amben over to a cage in the room. I never noticed it before. She was thrown in and the cage was locked tight. Amben and I both noticed when a pair of large glowing eyes coming from a dark mass of fur began to stand up on all fours and began to slowly approach Amben…. Amben having tears roll down her face. “Isto…. save me….” The worg in the cage would snap at Amben, “No one can save you now forest lover.” The voice of the worg was low and growling. Slowly approaching Amben. Enjoying the fear she was having. After Amben fell to her knees and began to break down again “Isto… Why?” the worg would strike. Ripping out her throat. Amben’s cries becoming the sound of grugligng blood. The word would finish ripping at the neck, the move to the more “tasty bits”. Ripping open her stomach with its paw and then going muzzle first, pulling out her interals as the beast enjoys its fresh meal

The torturer spoke up "Well then Isto. I guess that leaves your girl friend huh? " I could feel myself begining to cry thinking [No… not Moxi.. please no… I will do anything… I promise]

“Oh no, we both know that you would find a way to break her free. Your little bitch huh? She sure is a young exotic one. I did not know you were into that type of thing Isto? A Kitsune I believe huh? " A henchman would bring in Mamori on a rack and place it direcltly in front of me… but not before showing her everything else that happened to the others. She was beaten as much as everyone else. But her face and collar remained untouched. Her eyes… just full of pain. I could not take it.

I screamed in my mind. [NO NOT MOXI. PLEASE NO. Spare her!]

The man would just laugh, "Spare her? I already had my way with this beast. Maybe you took to her thinking that only a monster deserves another monster huh? She told me what those tattoos mean Isto. You are just proving to me you WANT to be the monster that is inside of you. Just come out and I will spare her life. " He would then begin to sniff Mamori’s hair and I… I just broke down, trying to escape. Mamori was right there. A few feet infront of me… If I could just hold her… maybe I could escape all this pain I am feeling….

“Tsk Tsk Isto. I thought you cared for this one… but oh well. I guess it is time for you to watch her die. " The man would take out a skinning knife and slowly peel away the skin on Mamori. She screamed out

“Isto Please! ISTO IT HURTS OH MOTHER FOX.. SAVE ME!” Her tears just following down her face. This process lasted for what it seemed like forever… I kept trying to escape my bindings and the man would just go faster. Skinning her arms and legs… Mamori would eventually go unconscious… I was slightly relieved… but my heart.. it was breaking. Tears running down my face as they are now upon this page…

Then… I saw a needle get jabbed into her exposed muscle… waking her up
“We cant have you slipping yet my pet…. I am not done with you….”
This process lasted for what felt to be hours… I was watching my love… die …. right infront of me… by the time he gutted her stomach she lost too much blood and was already gone. Instead of the fire in her eyes, there was a darkness. That darkness I could feel spreading in me… that same pain I felt that night my parents died… but this was worse… this was all my fault…. The man would come up to me and whisper in my ear.

“Now Isto…. just give in… come to me…”

I would wake up then…. I was crying… Seeing Mamori in my bed beside be breathing reminded me that it was only a nightmare… but by the gods…. why……. I need to go for a wlak… clear my head…

By this point the text would become unreadable, but there seems to be more there.



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