A fluffy orange kitten, who happens to speak... among other special talents...


Flotibahl (pronounced FLO-Tee-BALL) is a cat who seems always to be hungry. Generally cheery, Flotibahl is easily motivated, usually with hard tack crackers and jerky, items often found in trail rations. She speaks, though how many languages she knows has yet to be seen. She has a number of special abilities, stating to have been in Osgiliath, Cormanthyr, mentioning the Coronal briefly even, shortly before her arrival in Suldaire, traveling by way of the Time Vortex. She has attributed this travel to an item given to her by a “Master Darius”, but other than stating that his company was boring, and that she did not belong to or with him, she has given no further information. She likely has other talents as well, as she mirthfully told Zephyrus not to worry about her if the party got into combat, and said that she was the best at hiding.

She is intelligent, likely more intelligent than most people give her credit for, but having use of the Time Vortex at her disposal, not even the gods could say how old she is. There’s a vague indication of a fiendish parent, but she harbors no evil in her heart, and is as mercurial as…well, a cat. Currently, she is with the party, as they have fed her and shown her some kindness.


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