A wondrous ore thought to only exist in rumor


An ingot of orichalcum ore characterized by its orange and mythril like over and undertones. A vein of faintly glowing orange (like a polished copper/bronze) glows within the ore. The rest of the ore appears as a normal form of mythril with grey and whitish silver specks (unprocessed).


Mined from the legendary hills of Orichalcum, this metal defined an age of elegant beauty and devastating warfare. Weapons forged from this ore were rumored to have extraordinary abilities pertaining to the harnessing of magic in its purest and basic forms. The war that these weapons and artifacts helped fuel permanently scarred the world for an age.

The hills of orichalcum are now silent, a vestige of their once vibrant splendor. A budding village grows from the foundations of a once immense foundry. Blacksmiths here specialize in producing venerable items of excellent durability and weapons of impractical beauty. The white-washed walls of the city serve as welcome site to weary travelers and merchants traveling to the coast.

[Small ingots x 7, Currently carried by Lai (in magic bag)]


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