Sack of potions


Looted from the thralled cleric. Various potions. One looks similar to the one that was thrown to the minotaur. None have been Identified.


Alara lines the potions up in the following order:
These are healing ones in these thick glass vessels:
1 thin azure elixirs. They smell like fruit and nuts. “lesser”
2 cloudy sapphire tonics. No smell. “moderate”
2 bubbling cyan mixtures with scarlet motes, tastes of cinnamon. “serious”
1 Thin crystal bottle of jade liquid with emerald streaks. It smells like raspberries. “divine bolstering”
1 Tin vial of oily orange liquid “I think it wards off poison”
2 bubbling potions in glass bottles corked with metal stoppers:
   one ivory in color. It smells like fish and walnuts “some kind of boost to enlightenment?”
   one yellow with black accretions on the bottom, it smells like milk. “a boost to toughness?”
1 Metal flask with reflective, oily liquid that is violet in color. “something to do with the elements”
1 viscious potion that is beyrl with pearl bubbles. It smells like caramel and butter. “Im not sure, something woodsy”
1 smoking, opalescent, watery elixir that is green in color, smells like pine needles. “This isn’t clerical…some kind of enhancement but a relatively minute effect I think”

Sack of potions

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