Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 7)
rasgo journal

A few minutes have passed and we found some crystals and a shard that the blue goblin would have probably used if he had the chance. Zephyrus pulled a finger off of the evil deity’s statue and Flotibahl warned him to not do that.

We split up the group against my judgement and checked out the next room. There was no resistance in the nursery/living quarters besides a magic using mother who used an acid spell on me. I didn’t fight her back because she seemed only interested in protecting her children.

The only use my dragon got was to open a curtain and pull a mesmerized guard out of the way. I opened the only door in the room and found a passageway. Flotibahl told me to not go that way as she dashed in as a ball of light. She later returned after subduing guards ahead.

Rose did a sensual dance to hold the guards captive as I checked every curtain for anything important, like human children. In the meantime, Zephyrus checked a curtain and talked to the mother there. He apparently helped the hurt husband and gained the mother’s trust. She led us to the two generals and went back to her curtain for fear of reprisal by the generals.

Rose tried to reason with the guards in the next room, but apparently couldn’t communicate with them. They don’t look happy, so here we go!

Day Twelve
Day Twelve

Zephyrus’ Journal: Day Twelve

Finding out the hard way that older Dwarves, are not meant for a lot of things. so I had to improvise. αλλά είμαι απολύτως ΓΕΜΑΤΩΝ ΑΓΑΠΗ αυτό το δώρο από τους χωρικούς, with the right word it releases a forceful blast του αρέσει η οποία ποτέ δεν έχω εμπειρία. so naturally I’ve been using it constantly. δυστυχώς φαίνεται να έρχονται με ένα περιορισμένο αριθμό των τελών, and I fear I’m running out.

But first things first, έχουμε λάβει καταφύγιο σε ένα secluded area and managed to camp for the night. ενώ κοιμόμουν άκουσα ψιθύρους της εξουσίας μέχρι τώρα άγνωστο σε μένα, and when I awoke, not only feeling refreshed, αλλά μια νέα δύναμη μέσα μου ξεχειλίζει.

Αισθάνεται πιο σκούρο από το συνηθισμένο μου ανδρεία, αλλά θα βρω Lillith με οποιοδήποτε μέσο, είτε πρόκειται για σκούρα ή όχι. At my first opportunity, I will attempt this new spell I dreamt of, και να χρησιμοποιούν ό, τι γνώσεις έχω αποκτήσει για να προσπαθήσει να βρει μια ειρηνική τρόπο to bind someone elses soul to my own.

Necromancy is a dark and evil power, αλλά μερικές φορές δεν μπορεί να αποφευχθεί. Μερικές φορές πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείται η ίδια να βρει μια πιο συμπαθής τρόπο. μερικές φορές … the living cannot bear living, without the dead.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 6)
rasgo journal

The creatures heading our way stopped and backed away… it was just in time too, because I don’t think we would have all survived what was coming. Once the room was cleared. We had a chance to rest and recover. Before resting, I checked the bodies for anything special and checked the 2 empty rooms where the children came from. Then others helped. We found some nice items left behind by the slain bugbears and goblins. Some were magical. Unfortunately, there was nothing that I could use. I also seemed to be the only one to hear the maniacal laughter in the far reaches of the cave along with other sounds.

During that time, I told everyone the general story about my cluster of secrets. They seemed to take it all pretty well except for two things. Malphite and telepathy. They were all freaked out by him and were afraid of being mentally probed by both of us. I didn’t see them complain when Malphite did an all night watch for us though. People seem to always be scared of what they don’t understand, and I prefer not to explain more than I have to. They don’t seem to bat an eyelash when Flotibahl, Lai, and Zephyrus use much more flashy magic. On a lighter note, they all loved the jerky. Malphite is happy to have the chance to move around and communicate with the group, even though they are afraid of him. He doesn’t seem to be as bothered as I am with their fear of him.

The night was uneventful, thankfully, and we were able to get the rest that we needed. I was made aware of two powerful creatures deeper in the cave and told the group about them. We left the southern door shut and Zephyr blew down the northern door with the ring we found. After killing a few goblins and taking the right fork in the road, Zephyr blew down the next door too, killing a few goblins in the blast. Luckily, I laid flat, avoiding the deadly blast.

Baulder fell in a trap and spent half of the next fight trying to get out. The next room was filled with enemies and a couple of hostages. A blue haired hostage began to fight back skillfully and a hostage boy was killed by a bugbear. There was a blue goblin that I wanted to keep alive until he banished my very well made dragon construct using a crystal. Seconds later, he was dead. We have just killed the final bugbear in the room and I realize that I need to check the blue body and the statue of Graz’zt, the demon lord, more commonly called the Dark Prince.

For a split second, I had another vision as the blue goblin died. I was summoning and commanding various powerful creatures to fight alongside my constructs. I then dug my stinger into the nearest foe’s neck causing him to fall unconscious…

Zephyrs Trance
Zephyrs Trance

Έτσι κουρασμένος.
Λοξοτομήστε συνεχίσει με αυτόν τον τρόπο.
Αυτό το συναίσθημα, δεν είναι ευχάριστο.
Νάνοι, δεν προορίζεται να λειτουργήσει όπως αυτό
Ειδικά υπερήλικες.
Ανάγκη για να ξεκουραστούν.

Αλλά λοξοτομώ.

Πρέπει να μιλήσουμε.
Παραδόξως αποτελεσματική.
Πρέπει να είναι όλοι ζωντανοί.
Δεν μπορούμε να χάσουμε άλλο.

Ανάγκη να εκπαιδεύσει το μυαλό.
Και το σώμα.

Μόνο τρόπος να συνεχίσουμε έτσι.

Πρέπει να ωθήσει επάνω.



Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 5)
rasgo journal

Things look grim. We’re almost out of fighting resources. We’re barely surviving and we’re trapped in a room with approaching enemies. Part of the group needs to rest, but we can’t. We keep killing them, and they keep coming. This reminds me of my visions.

Lai just got healed again just before bleeding out, Baulder continues to teeter on the brink of death, Zephyrus is healing the best he can, we’ve all almost died, and I’m trying to figure out our next move. I heard that he poison worked on a bugbear, but someone woke the bugbear back up almost instantly. Flotibahl just showed up and helped with some kind of time stopping magic.

We found several more children running from different rooms to relative safety as they hopped over the dead bodies of their oppressors. They should be running out of the cave safely, but I’m afraid they may be in danger once again given our situation. We need to fight our way out of this room and rest.

Our scout has seen several more dangers in many directions, and also found a large group of children locked behind a grimy door. It appears that we may have been lured into this cave and have much more fighting to do.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 4)
rasgo journal

Within the past 2 minutes, we stormed the camp and killed many goblins and some bugbears in the light and darkness. Led by my creations into the cave, we rushed straight to the enemy in the cave and cut them down. The battle has been well fought so far and our resources are surely running low, but we must finish what we started in order to save the townspeople and the remaining children.

I have not been able to tell if the poison has affected the goblins yet, seeing how the gaping wounds could have easily been the cause of unconsciousness. With Malphite telling me which way to attack into the darkness along with using my other senses, I have been an integral part in the success of this attack. Between arrows and dragons, I have been able to kill several goblins and soak up enough attacks to keep our party alive long enough to win the latest battle. Without the dragons on the front line, I believe we would have lost the last battle.

Lai created another illusion that kept several enemies at bay and also disabled a handful of goblins with some sort of new spell. Baulder went to the front lines and fought bravely, almost dying a few times, and cleaving two enemies and killing both in one strike. Amben stayed back, due to an injury most of the time and did what she could from the back of the group when there were openings and even healed someone. Her wolf Kai fought well, but clearly was most interested in protecting Amben. I can relate to Kai, trying to keep its family safe during battle.

Finally, there was Zephyrus. He waded into battle casting a spell that made half of the enemies attack him, after taking too many injuries too fast, he went to the back of the group in relative safety and meditated, gathering strength to continue the battle. And suddenly, he gets up healing our party and throws his axe point blank into Baulder’s shoulder with massive force. He immediately appologized as I focused on creating another dragon with my mouth gaping open almost as wide as Baulder’s shoulder. Luckily, the scythe vanished and appeared back in Zeph’s hand, cleanly exiting Baulder’s torso.

Afterwards, a few goblins appeared with hostages although I could only see one. That did not stop us, we continued fighting and rescued all of the children that we could see. The children must have been shaken, because they stood there watching the fight while in harm’s way. I told them to get back and they scurried away to safety behind our forces. I could feel my limits of creation being pushed further than ever before, but they weren’t depleted yet and I wouldn’t stop until they were, even if that meant being open to future ambush later that day. There are two doors that we know of ahead in the darkness… I see an enemy ahead of me, but he is under my control. I tell the war troll to attack everyone near him and he raises his scythe for the first strike on his unsuspecting ally…

Zephyrs Tune
Zephyrs Tune

  Whistling and humming in Common and Celestial on the way to the goblin encampment

Woke up in the morning νιώθοντας Εντέρου-Durr.
grab my robes, I’m out the door, Εγώ θα θεραπεύσει αυτή την πόλη
before I leave, talk to the bartender, pay him my rent.
προκαλούν όταν τα ξωτικά στέλεχος, που δεν είναι comin "πίσω

I’m talking αίμα σε όλα τα ρούχα μας, clothes
chasing all our foes εχθρούς
fighting with all our Bro’s αδερφέ του
Απόκρυψη ανάμεσα στα δέντρα trees
Grizz turns, everybody freeze, πάγωμα
μετά το βήχα wheeeeeeze

Μην σταματήσετε, make him pop
Rasgo, blow that goblin up!
Απόψε, im πρόκειται να fight
cause goblins fear my κατατροπώσει
Tick Tock goes the clock
But out party wont stop

Don’t stop, τον κάνει να σκάσει
Rasgo, χτύπημα που goblin επάνω!
Tonight, I’mma την καταπολέμηση της
καλικάντζαρους προκαλέσει φόβο μου smite
Κρότωνα tock πηγαίνει το ρολόι
Αλλά έξω κόμμα συνηθίζει να σταματήσει

Δεν έχετε μια φροντίδα για αυτόν τον κόσμο but got plenty of booze
got some money in my pocket, Δεν υπάρχει χρόνος για αναβολή.

(War-horn Sounds)

  Well darn… I’ll finish that little tune up later then.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 3)
Rasgo journal

Last night, I had a chance to really perfect my knockout poison and was determined to use it. The townsfolk seem to enjoy our presence and don’t ask me questions anymore, thankfully. After a minor issue with an exploding necklace this morning, we set out to track a released goblin back to his cave.

Without being certain how long the trip would last, I continued to remake the poison each hour making sure that nobody could see how I did it. It seems that Lai is afraid to apply the poison to his arrows although I assured him that dipping the arrows in it is harmless. He doesn’t seem to have trouble putting goblins to sleep anyway. Our escorts and Amben noticed that we seemed to be getting closer and we needed a scout if we wanted any kind of advantage. Unfortunately, sneaky Xavice was nowhere to be found.

When nobody had any options on how to scout ahead and surprise the goblin and bugbear group, I created a scout behind some bushes over the course of a couple of minutes and sent it ahead. It did a good job of reporting what it saw and served its purpose. I was proud of my ingenuity. We got close to the lair and prepared our attack.

I coated Lai’s arrows with knockout poison and he and I went ahead, preparing to subdue a few guards before the group got noticed. He put some to sleep, and I killed one with a single strong arrow shot to the heart. I still didn’t get to test the poison. The fight outside was over quickly, just as I created my ectoplasmic dragon. Everyone wanted to stand around and search the bodies, but I was determined to finish this fight with or without their help. I dumped poison all over the dragon’s tail and sent him into the darkness behind Malphite.

Right before I sent it in, I had another vision for a split second. This time, I took a deep breath and looked down at my body while drawing the breath… I was a silver dragon!! Upon exhalation, a wave of enemies ahead of me fell to the ground, still breathing, eyes still open.

Day Eleven (Pt. Two)
Day Eleven (Pt. Two)

Zephyrus’ Journal: Still Day Eleven

Bauldur brought everyone into the tavern and I healed them all… και πάλι. A couple of the guys went out to interrogate the ξωτικά που πιάσαμε, and found out about a few guys, Jet και θυμός. looks like they can help us track the καλικάντζαρους to find the missing τα παιδιά, ελπίζουμε ότι μπορεί να υπάρχουν, otherwise were at a dead end.

In the mean time we headed to a αγρόκτημα που έχει problem with disapearing cattle. we headed εκεί και βρήκε ένα ankheg, τολμηρή αποφάσισε να σφάλουν leap into the fray immediately, και εξίσου γρήγορα πήρε καταπιάστηκε.

I covered the rest of the team in a πυκνή ομίχλη για να προσφέρουν some protection, but it turns out we didn’t need it, κυμαινόμενο μπάλα φάνηκε να εμφανίζεται από μια μεγάλη έκρηξη του ουράνιου τόξου, του αρέσει η οποία ποτέ δεν έχω δει, which happened to kill the Ankheg.

Afterwards we searched about, δεν υπήρχε τίποτα να δει, έτσι πήραμε το δρόμο πίσω στην πόλη, and I might have forgotten to warn the bartender ότι ξαναγεμίσει με στιγμιότυπα του Dwarven μπύρα … so everyone is a little more wasted than there used to.

Finally I sat down at a table with επιπλέει μπάλα και άρχισε να γράφει, I’m to do the last rights for most of the town tomorrow, ένα λυπηρό γεγονός, αλλά κάτι που η πόλη χρειάζεται παρόλα αυτά.

Note to self, but more tuna and κροτίδες …err…crackers.

Ant Farm (Amben)

Funny how people pay more attention to strange warriors
when there’s nothing for them to fight. As soon as things
started calming down, people started wanting to know who we
were. I was too tired to explain myself, and with enough
robes to start a monastery, I wasn’t the most interesting
person there. Of course, Kei’s appearance raised more
questions than I wanted to answer.

The goblins that we saved were not terribly helpful, at
least not from what I could tell. Lai didn’t look too
pleased with either one of them, and aside from a certain
someone drinking himself stupid, this was the only time I
had seen him irritated.

We ended up talking to a woodsman for help, who told us
about some sort of farm that had been attacked. Not ones to
believe in rest and relaxation, we started heading to the
farm to investigate. The trips there and back were both
uneventful, but the farm was where the real battle was.

The farm was the new home of an ankheg, who didn’t like us
trespassing on his property, and took his anger out on
Baulder. If it weren’t for some sort of magical attack (I
didn’t get a good enough look at it to figure out what it
was), he could’ve been seriously hurt by this thing. As it
was, the ankheg was vaporized after we roughed it up a bit.

Imagine my surprise when the dust cleared, and flotibahl
was just sitting there, looking very pleased with itself.
There’s a lot about this cat that I want to know more
about, but it doesn’t seem to understand everything it’s
capable of. At least its on our side…

Everyone else is getting ready to sleep now, or passed out
from drinking the strange brew. I’m able enough to write
this, but that’s the last time I ever want to drink
something like this.


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