Scars of Suldairia

And Into the fire [Isto]

That is the last time I store my journal in the extra dimensional space of this haversack. The dream is getting worse. Every night it feels more real. Poor Rabdao, he is now being dissected alive in it. Sometimes even Gwyn is in it. One night she was an assistant, the next night she is also killed, and one night she was the one doing all of this. I know I have screwed up with her, but why is my mind showing me these things?

I am glad to see her alive, but after what she did to Mamori, should I really be? Gwyn has become the leader of the remains of the assiassn guilds. It seems like the White Lord has been using a bit more of a militristic approach here than I would have guessed. At least she is fighting agaisnt it, for now. But those words she spoke, “You are weak Isto.” I was stunned. I had a mental flash back to the dream. Luckily it didnt disintergate into that. She assigned us to a task to go kill an Angel of the White Lord, returning hte favor we owe her by saving us. I tried talking to her about what happened, but every time it deteriteated into something trivial. I feel terrible for leaving her behind and I must talk to her once this job is done. Is there a way to save her? Should I have brought her with me? If I would have stayed, would I have been in power with her? Or should she kill me after ignoring all of her feelings she had for me?

Anyway, my Mamori, she is truely amazing. She managed to tap into a power I would not have dreamed of. It was caused though by Gwyn’s men trying to kill her… And as we walked through the scar she was forced to reveal her true form. Mamori… Words do not describe her beauty in this form. It was during this transformation that I realized that we really havent been…. intimate in a long time. Though something seems to be troubling her. She hasnt really been sleeping and seems oddly distant at times. I wonder if it is because of what happened back with Gwyn? Is she afraid of feeling so helpless in her dreams? Or am I the only one who is really worried about these kind of things?

Speaking of worrying about other people, Fucking Baulder. Why dont people listen to me? The fucking child tells me he trusts me, then is wanting it disregard our safety to go hunt a monster. And not just any monster, a fucking sandshark. Even when we decided as a party it was a dumb idea…. And I guess the fates decided that we were going to fucking fight one anyway. And after I nearly killed myself and wasted all my power, we barely killed 1. AND IT WASNT EVEN THE BIG ONE. I had to drag a bleeding out Baulder to safety after he realizes that we are in over our head. I was telling that to everyone since Baulder was convinced this should be a thing. I would have died if Nathaniel and some Kyroon didnt show up. Now we are bunker-ed down outside the spellscar in a cave for the night.

Out of the frying pan.... [Isto]

I…I am glad to be writing this as a freeman. I just cannot believe that we all survived one of the biggest slavepits I have ever seen in Antuzia. I tried my best to put aside the fear in my heart every day as we barely managed to overcome the odds in those pits. That nightmare haunted me every day. The other nightmares were also getting worse. Mamori and the others were right there, and most of the time I have been stuck with a stranger in my cell. My name seemed to not even carry weight here. What must have happened to my homeland in order for that to happen? I know the memory of my father’s name has diminished over the years, but what of the clan?

There are very powerful psions here. I could tell everyone wanted out. They put these collars around our necks, but it seemed to not affect me. Thus all my powers were at my disposal. But without everyone else’s magicks or gear…. We just played the waiting game. But as every day past, the dreams got worse. I could see everyone suffering in their cages. Alara was losing it; between being bound up in a cage and losing her connection to Illmater, I dont blame her. And because of that Baulder was freaking out and being loud. These guards did seem to know what they were doing though. Very well trained and no strangers to fighting. We did lose Rabdao though. In his fighting pit debut, he transformed into that angelic form of his. I swear that man must have lost his mind. Why would you change into an Angel when we know Antuzia is under siege from the White Lord? And based on the crowds reaction, it seemed like the White Lord has been spreading their message of fire. And their fear did not go so well for Rabdao. Many men came to bind him up and take him away….
We did manage to attempt to make an escape, but a psion showed up compelled me to go back to my cell. I, once again, had no control over my body….. But we were all eventually put into a deep slumber. We woke up in these metal boxes and it felt we were very deep underground. Each of us were in their own box, including a man who is clearly not from Suldaire. His Suldarian was very weak and only spoke through handgestures, not like we could see it while we were in these boxes. What felt only like days would pass… And someone did come to our aid. We had some very powerful assistance, but who in the hells would rescue us? His tactics do not seem to fit along side of typical SitD. But whatever he was, he was powerful and our ally. We managed to retrieve our gear and Rabdao… Who was split open on a rack being dissected. After a lot of infighting amongst us, we did manage to get onto our escape boat. We have no clue where we are going and who waits for us. The boat is taking us there magically, but I hope wherever we land it is an ally not the Clan.

I am worried about the others. I do not know what they were expecting when we first came here. But this is just a taste of what the true nature of Antuzia is. Should I have warned them of every little thing? That would have taken years. But still, as I look upon them now, all I see are the images from the dream…

Pile Of Ash (Mamo)

A small pile of ash, in the center of the large glass bubble.

It appears to have melted bits of metal as well as some other odd materials in it.

What sticks out the most however, is the paw print in the center of the pile of ash, it seems to be seared directly into the ash. a smooth form indenting the unorganized pile.

Heat still comes off of it in waves, to touch it would be to burn yourself. but written below the ash in what looks like small pieces of glass melted into the sand.

“I am no longer a child”

Its Been Too Long (Mamo)

The heat is getting to me, only my training with Isto has allowed me to survive this long…

Has Mother Fox forsaken me?

I’ve lived in the desert for years, yet this heat, it is unnatural.

Isto has been warned…

I believe I am dying.

Soon my lungs will fry, my skin will melt…

Whatever is happening to me, I fear I will not survive.

He is looking for me, even though I warned him.

[ * ] … [ * ] … … [ * ] … … … [ * ] … … … … [ * ] … … … … …

The nightmare....
Please... please dont let this happen

The following page in Isto’s journal is written in his infernal/abyssal code like the rest… but this page seems to have been wet in a few places. As if someone was dropping water on the page. Some of the ink is smeared where these circular water marks. Were these dried tears?

The dreams, hell these are not dreams. The nightmares. They are getting worse. Ever since we been back in Sheasbury. I have been having less dreams about the people I murdered, about watching my parents die, and about the monster I was… This new dream, is well… It isnt about my past. I think my fears of what I left behind in Antuzia is beginning to manifest in my sleep finally. We are set to depart to my homeland later this day, and this dream. It just felt so real… Maybe it is just my fears I have been keeping to myself and expressing to others just festering in my mind. All the things that could go wrong, all the things I could now lose. I have people that I love, I have people that I will lay down my life for. I just fear that the people of Antuzia, the ones who have taken my innocence and my parents, might take my love and my friends.

I am going to try to write this dream down. Maybe it will help me forget. I much rather have the other nightmares, the nightmares of me killing people I barely knew…. Anyway…. here it goes.

It begins we me waking up in a cold dark room. I am forced upright, straps on my wrists and ankles holding me up. Another set of straps on my torso, and a final set anchoring my head still. A smooth voice, the one that betrayed my father…. His voice rang through the air.

“Ah Istoaufrien, son of Grayihan Daere. It has been a while since I have seen you. I believe it was when you FAILED your last mission and deserted your family.”

YOU KILLED MY FAMILY!” I screamed out. “YOU are using the empire my father built to seek your own means!”

the voice chuckles “Oh fair enough, but now WE Have you, the Mask… and your new partners. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson about disobeying an order and betraying me eh? Which one should I start with?”


The voice just laughs harderYOU have friends? Isto my lad. You are a monster. Who would ever befriend you? You are stronger than that. You dont need anyone. You are the perfect killing machine. And if I must destroy your friends to get back my Monster, then I will… Let us start with the annoying one. This Rabdao fellow.”

A cart is wheeled in, with Rabdao held upright in it. His body covered in gashes and brusies. His face is beaten and swollen. At this point Isto would be gagged so that he could not say anything. Rabdao is also gagged. The voice returns. “Now, this one just gets on my nerves. Always seems to be the good guy. His type sickens me. How could you EVER work with anyone such as this huh?” The man moves a dirty sheet off of a table beside Rabdao, revealing many pieces of torture equipment.

“Now perhaps I should just rip out his tongue then?” The man grabbed a pair of tongues and a wicked sharp, but rusted knife. Rabdao’s eyes would grow wide. Rabdao’s mouth was unbound just long enough for him to scream
“NO ISTO! DONT GIVE INNLAKLJKSLS” *the man grabbed rabdao’s tongue with the tongs. Pulling it out as far as it would go. Rabdao wincing in pain as the knife goes into his mouth, slowly cutting the tongue out of the man’s mouth.
“Ah much better… silence….” well, it was not truly silent, the gurgling of blood in Rabdao’s mouth was the only sound in the room. Rabdao’s eyes welling up as tears start to run down his beaten face… I was trying to break free of my bonds. Anger welled up inside of me. Knowing that they had the rest of them somewhere.

“Really Isto? This one? Already so angry. I can feel your hate. This is good. I need to recreate my monster… "The man quickly turns the dagger in his hand and slices Rabdao’s neck cleanly, the blood splatter going everywhere, but mostly on the torturer. “Well, maybe I should bring out your next friend. The big one eh? He is sure a strong spirited one. HE swore up and down that you would not break, and neither would he. I already took the liberty of doing a few things to him, AH here he is now!”

He pushed Rabdao’s twitching body to the side, his rack scooting across the floor. A body was thrown into the room with a bag over his head. But there was something odd about this body. The arms, they were stumps.. two bloody stumps. There was no way this was Baulder…. The canvas bag was removed and it was indeed Baulder! His eyes just so full of sorrow. Baulder was also gagged

“He was in fact easier to break than I thought. He seemed to be one who would try to headbutt me in this condition.” The man would grab Baulder by the hair and pull it back, resting that dagger on his throat "IT was So easy to convince him that we would save the others if he would sacrifice himself. To help me bring back that monster I created in you. " he would kick Baulder down, so that his head would lay on the floor to the side… A hench man walking over carrying…. The fellblade, already covered with blood. I tried to break free again but I couldnt… I tried screaming out but it only came out in a dry rasp….

The henchman lifted the blade as high as he could, The man would speak “He was a fool thinking I wouldnt kill each and every one of you to get what I want.” Baulders eyes would grow big with rage and sadness. Filling up with tears when the henchman then basically dropped it upon Baulder’s neck. It made a nasty crunching sound as it crushed the neck and then stuck into the ground. Baulders head just rolling off to the side. His face in pure pain and sadness. I Wanted to scream out. But I couldnt. This was horrible. Every fiber of my being wanted to just rip out of this harness and kill all of them… But I couldnt.

“Well, I guess I should get his lover out here. She was a real treat. She was already mostly broken before we even used her and beaten her. It seems she has been bound before. A compliant bitch is the best kind. Am I right Isto?” Oh gods no… USED her…. What about Mamori? DID THEY TOUCH MY MAMORI! The man would look to isto and smile “Of course we did. But you will see her soon enough. But first….” HE would snap his finger and the floor would shake, revealing a pit. The pit smelled of burnt flesh and oil… looking down he could see Alara… bound and naked. Her body glistened with what had to be Oil….. The man would grab a torch and would smile. I closed my eyes not wanting to see this.

“Now now Isto. I just killed two of your friends, and now you try to close your eyes? Not wanting to see this one burn alive huh? Well there is a way to fix that. " Two henchman came over with cruel devices.. placing them on Istos eyes. They would magically drill into my face… The burning was terrible.. The item pulled my eyes open, forcing me to watch everything now. "Now that is a good lad…. Now say good bye to this holy woman… " Dropping the torch into the pit. The oil filled room began to catch aflame. Alara’s screams of terror and pain as it engulfs her slowly. The smell of her burning flesh filling the room.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Her screams rattled my bones. It lasted for a couple of minutes but then the screams stopped finally… just the smell of her burnt flesh in my nostrils… it was too much and I began to puke, the gag hindering the flow and it lingered in my mouth.

“OH Isto. I remember the days where you would have done this to someone and not get sick. You have grown soft havent you? Well, let us hope for your sake that you finally remember who you are by the time we are done with these last two. How about that strong woman. The one with the wolf? Or should I say, had a wolf. Had to use something for leverage with her…. Killed her pup infront of her eyes. OH she was mad. Her anger was delcious. It was amazing ravishing her body. "
I was feeling sicker and sicker… this was all my fault… they are all dying because of me. I should have never came to Kendora… I should of just became a hermit. I could feel my heart breaking as they brought in Amben, bound by her hands. Her eyes seemed lost in thought. Her body equally abused as everyone else was. When she would look around the room seeing hte other three she would begin to cry “Isto… please… do something” The henchman pulling her in just slapped her across the face. “Shut up bitch. You will speak when spoken to.”

The henchman would take Amben over to a cage in the room. I never noticed it before. She was thrown in and the cage was locked tight. Amben and I both noticed when a pair of large glowing eyes coming from a dark mass of fur began to stand up on all fours and began to slowly approach Amben…. Amben having tears roll down her face. “Isto…. save me….” The worg in the cage would snap at Amben, “No one can save you now forest lover.” The voice of the worg was low and growling. Slowly approaching Amben. Enjoying the fear she was having. After Amben fell to her knees and began to break down again “Isto… Why?” the worg would strike. Ripping out her throat. Amben’s cries becoming the sound of grugligng blood. The word would finish ripping at the neck, the move to the more “tasty bits”. Ripping open her stomach with its paw and then going muzzle first, pulling out her interals as the beast enjoys its fresh meal

The torturer spoke up "Well then Isto. I guess that leaves your girl friend huh? " I could feel myself begining to cry thinking [No… not Moxi.. please no… I will do anything… I promise]

“Oh no, we both know that you would find a way to break her free. Your little bitch huh? She sure is a young exotic one. I did not know you were into that type of thing Isto? A Kitsune I believe huh? " A henchman would bring in Mamori on a rack and place it direcltly in front of me… but not before showing her everything else that happened to the others. She was beaten as much as everyone else. But her face and collar remained untouched. Her eyes… just full of pain. I could not take it.

I screamed in my mind. [NO NOT MOXI. PLEASE NO. Spare her!]

The man would just laugh, "Spare her? I already had my way with this beast. Maybe you took to her thinking that only a monster deserves another monster huh? She told me what those tattoos mean Isto. You are just proving to me you WANT to be the monster that is inside of you. Just come out and I will spare her life. " He would then begin to sniff Mamori’s hair and I… I just broke down, trying to escape. Mamori was right there. A few feet infront of me… If I could just hold her… maybe I could escape all this pain I am feeling….

“Tsk Tsk Isto. I thought you cared for this one… but oh well. I guess it is time for you to watch her die. " The man would take out a skinning knife and slowly peel away the skin on Mamori. She screamed out

“Isto Please! ISTO IT HURTS OH MOTHER FOX.. SAVE ME!” Her tears just following down her face. This process lasted for what it seemed like forever… I kept trying to escape my bindings and the man would just go faster. Skinning her arms and legs… Mamori would eventually go unconscious… I was slightly relieved… but my heart.. it was breaking. Tears running down my face as they are now upon this page…

Then… I saw a needle get jabbed into her exposed muscle… waking her up
“We cant have you slipping yet my pet…. I am not done with you….”
This process lasted for what felt to be hours… I was watching my love… die …. right infront of me… by the time he gutted her stomach she lost too much blood and was already gone. Instead of the fire in her eyes, there was a darkness. That darkness I could feel spreading in me… that same pain I felt that night my parents died… but this was worse… this was all my fault…. The man would come up to me and whisper in my ear.

“Now Isto…. just give in… come to me…”

I would wake up then…. I was crying… Seeing Mamori in my bed beside be breathing reminded me that it was only a nightmare… but by the gods…. why……. I need to go for a wlak… clear my head…

By this point the text would become unreadable, but there seems to be more there.

Accounts of the past few days
My fears....

It has been a week or so since I wrote my thoughts down. There has just been alot of things going on in recent days. I have been needing to focus on other things. Now that it is a peaceful time for me to write some of my thoughts down, I shall.

Where do I begin?

After we got most of our equipment back, we decided to head southward to Fort Talerga. This Fort is the birthplace of Baulder… I can imagine why he wants to go there. It is soon to be his birthday and he wants to check on his mother and old friends. This is great for Baulder to have something to go home to… But I feared that too much has happened for this to be a good visit.

On the way down it was discussed that I would need to borrow a way to hide the mask after about a day within the city… we do not want it to be found by the solar… Lai and I got into a heated debate over it that was not really ever settled. I was trying to convince him that we should hide it in his Haversack that we found. He outright refused. I wanted a chance for Baulder to have a few days of just being a normal lad… but fine, whatever. We “solved” this problem later.

We did run across something that I was not expecting so soon… I could feel them as they approached. The screams of Alara confirmed my suspicions… Devils. Apparently we fought most of them off bravely. I am having a difficult time remembering exactly… Mostly because these devils had captured an old friend, Floatibaul. I was happy to see her safe after what I did back in village… She has some sort of power over space and time… she somehow wiped my memory of the first part of the battle… But I know I saw Amben transform into a wolf, it was quite impressive. There was one devil though that managed to escape. After talking to Floati, it was a minion of Montano. This did not bode well for us.

Later we did pass the Standing Army of the White Lord…. It was a sight to see. Whatever was about to happen would cause mass destruction. Fort Talerga is a crucial point for Montano to keep. If it falls, Raister will fall. Under normal circumstances that would be great, the death of a lich… But to the White Lord? No….

When we arrived at the Fort we went straight to the Runedar Farm. Baulder’s mother was a sweet person, but I kept my distance. There was something not right with this town. My suspicions were proven true when we discovered that the White Lord Occupants were helping those who converted, but somehow cursing the others. The Runedar farm did not look like it was doing so well. Ms Runedar explained that solders come by and force her to cook massive quantities of food to appease them, or else they would do something terrible. By the next day, we were helping her around the farm. Lai and I had a major spat and he just stormed off. I tried to explain my position to him and he just doesn’t understand why I cannot just simply bury the mask or leave the city at this point. I understand that he does not trust me nor the mask, but for Baulder’s sake I’d hope he see reason. He eventually came back long enough to give me the Haversack and storm off, using one of the Scrolls of Word of Recall. Not more than an hour or so later… we discover that a large force of Montanto’s people have invaded the city. We quickly depart with what we could, using the Scrolls of Word of Recall. We including Ms Runedar and a friend of Baulder’s

Thats was when we appeared back in Sheasbury, inside the SiTD compound. They were not happy to see us at all. They separated Amben, Rasgo, and Baulder from the rest of us. We were escorted to some sort of holding room. I slowly began to lose it a little. Rabdao left me alone with Ms Runedar (Who was still recovering from the teleportation, Nidalee, Alara, Mamori, and Belle (who was in the same situation as Ms Runedar). Then after about an hour of this, Baulder came back and we headed to an inn to keep those of us who are not members of SiTD in one location.

On the way we were swarmed by the citizens and family members of Narsoon. These people wanted to call us heroes, hear our tales, and wanted to praise us. I am not going to lie, I was extremely uncomfortable and yet I was happy to see me finally doing some good. But…. It was not hte time for this. Too many people I know should be looking for me… I conviced Baulder to not allow him to use me in his stories… Mamori was also getting uncomfortable with the crowd….

Anyway, Mamori did something stuipd last night. We were talking about a way to make me live longer… so when I went out to go do something, she ran and nearly got herself killed… By asking Amben for shampoo? Ugh… We talked it over and she was just trying to get help for the process…

But yeah.. Mamori and I think we found a way for me to live longer… Mamori was going to outlive me anyway, and I want to make sure she is happy. So if I can extend my life somehow to make her happy, I will. And besides, if this makes me into a monster, I can finally look on the outside what I have felt on the inside. The pain we went through to complete the tattoo over the past few days has been very extensive. My lungs have collasped a couple of times and my arms felt like they were on fire. I just wanted to rip them off… But I know I can do it, if I can cause harm to the people I have killed and their families, I can handle this….. I know I am doing this to make Mamori happy, but a little part of me is allowing her to do this as a form of punishment for my past sins. The work thus far has been amazing. I hope this works well.

I had my second interview with SiTD and Mamori had hers. We were both accepted on the condition that we will go on missions together to watch eachothers back…… There was a little ceremony and we moved in. Lai and Rasgo has left us to go on their own journeys. I wish them both luck, but I wish that Lai and I would have talked to get rid of the bad blood between us.

I am writing this before we go on our next mission… To Antuzia. We are going to check up on the outpost SiTD has there, then we are swinging southward to spread the word of the White Lord…. I am afraid. Antuzia may be my homeland, but it is full of death. The people there have taken everything that I once held dear. It is where I became a monster. And now we plan on going there, I am afraid that I will lose everything again. After speaking to the Fog (and also being accepted into their fold), I learned that someone has been looking for the Mask and me. They said it was a woman who paid them extremely well…. I have a feeling it was Gwyn… And with how much money she dropped on information and how she was apparently surprised to here that I was alive, tells me she is still working for the clan. I just that my past wont bite us to hard when we go there. I do not want to lose everything again… I … I dont know what I would do if I lost Mamori or any of the others…

Now I need to put this down and talk to the diviner. Going to use the villa where my life as a monster began as a place for us to teleport to.

Mr. Velvety Smooth (Amben)

We finally make it into the Fort, which is definitely one of the largest and most intimidating places I think I’ve come across, and travel to Baulder’s home. I had talked him out of worrying so much, which ended up awkwardly, but he seemed to have his head about him. Thankfully.

Mrs “Mama” Runedar was actually quite an interesting woman, if not a “earn your place at the table” type. I feel bad for Alara, who was guilty by any association with Baulder, but I’m not sure even the most powerful magicks could change that. I, on the other hand, was unaffected by this, and even went out of my way to help out, thinking that maybe I could help save her reputation as “that girl with Baulder”. While I did manage to win her good side, it seems that most of my efforts didn’t really do much for Alara, other than keep her from being kicked out.

Mrs Runedar even lent us and Nidalee a nice little house by the river, with somewhat seemingly mixed intentions, but we took her up on her offer and spent the night there (with some dancing by rabdao…). Surprisingly, I slept extremely well, which was odd since I chose to sleep in one of the beds for the first time in a long while. Maybe sleeping indoors is a bit more reassuring than I remember it being.

But then the morning sun came up, and everything decided to happen. First, something happened before I got to the rest of the group, and Lai disappeared somewhere. Isto was mad, Baulder was mad, and I was not getting answers. Then Kai was missing, which was really bizarre, and Baulder offered to help track him (probably to forget about whatever was going on with them).

We found Kai hanging out with some stranger, a man in a cloak that I didn’t recognize. He darted away, but I got on Kai and chased after him, while poor Baulder was left in the dust… Come to think of it, though, the guy looked like he was barely walking, and Baulder wasn’t in his armor, so he must’ve been going faster than he appeared to be.

I remember catching up to him, seeing him turned to actually face me… blue eyes… fair skin… I said things… He said things… and, and then… he said something else… and he was gone again. Something about his voice, it was unnervingly smooth… and soft. I think.. I think I need to find this guy again. And not for the, uh, “emotionally weird” reasons. Something else about this guy seems familiar, but I didn’t get the chance to place it. Not that it would matter, I guess, if I knew who he was or not, I would be happy just melting in that voice again…

Where was I? Oh, right, going back. Uh, stuff happened that wasn’t as exciting, tried to get Lai’s magical bag for Isto because the mask was evil or something, Lai ran off to Sheasbury, and Alara sensed bad things. Mmm… that voice…

Wait, Lai left… like, he’s not with our group anymore…


Who’s supposed to keep this band of geniuses from killing the wrong people? Or each other? Up until now, Lai was sort of our go-to for various questions, and he knew quite a bit about most of the stuff we got ourselves into. I guess he didn’t do as well for the “prevent killing each other” part, but he was at least enough of a charmer to be a decent head of the party.

Oh, and Baulder’s left to go check on his childhood crush, Bella. So there’s that part, too.


Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 41)
Rasgo journal

The next day, we prepared to leave. During the preparations, I was fully ready to go, and was waiting on the others to finish packing up. Nidalee needed a horse, and then the drama began. I didn’t have the gold or proper gemstone denominations to buy a horse on me. As I asked for some of the treasure we looted during our adventures, everyone decided that they knew how to handle the money best.

Many minutes later, I arrived at the stables, ready to buy a horse with a bag of 100 gold. I got Nidalee’s horse, saddle, etc, and returned. On the road, I asked Baulder about what kind of creatures we may encounter on the road and he mentioned a few. After a while, we came upon a city of tents, the white lord army, a mile off of the road. We continued, and I made sure that Baulder’s disguise was holding up. His posture is something he needs more practice on.

We stopped and slept overnight and it was uneventful outside of Baulder talking to some naga. The next morning, Mamori, Baulder, and Isto were fooling around causing a huge commotion. Their antics were clearly not well thought out. I would have done so much better. Nidalee was holding up pretty well. I was proud of her.

We were passing a caravan when Alara screamed. Immediately after, 4 hooded people on horseback, surrounding a cart with something inside that reminded Lai of Flotibahl, transformed. They turned into severely gross looking and obese devils. My first thought, for some reason, was “are their horses hurt?” The rest of the humans fled the scene in terror. Apparently, they didn’t expect that to happen.

Normally, at a time like this, I would have prepared to stand back and let my dragons do the work, protecting everyone they could, while I smear entangling ectoplasm all over the enemies. But this time, that thought didn’t even cross my mind. I dismounted, and prepared to fight as a girallon. As I focused, I could feel the power and strength growing within me. I felt my aggression surge as I transformed, ready to rip them to shreds. Right after, one of the devils blew some magic fire breath at us. I didn’t care, I was ready to kill them all. I could feel my upper fists clenching, as my lower hands flexed. The breath attack seemed to sap away some of my strength, but there was no stopping me.

I felt the surge of energy inside me as Rabdao casted haste on us. It felt good. I barred my teeth, and surged off to the right, making my way to the back of their line. As I assessed the situation, I noticed that Mamori was hidden somewhere, but more importantly, Nidalee was behind the line, although a little singed from the burn. The next thing I knew, I had run on foot and knuckle to the back of the enemy line, alone. After the long run, it was all I could do to just reach out and try to hit one of the devils. The untrained swing flew wild as I missed him completely. Once I got my footing, it was a different story. My next swing tripped one of the devils, and after that, there was a series of powerful swipes that kept ripping at his flesh.

My blood lust had reached its peak. I had never felt like that in my life, and it felt good. This felt right. I clawed and clawed until he stopped moving. I could feel the slimy entrails oozing between my massive fingers as he died. Before I had a chance to view my kill, the body began to fade away in a series of sparkles, depriving me of my prize.

The sparkles and excitement seemed to trigger a vision…
… I was in an enemy armory and starving. There was sparkling metal in every direction, and I didn’t know where to start. I tasted the sword that my hind leg was rubbing against first. It was excellent. Then I touched a suit of armor with my other antenna and watched it crumble into the best looking pile I had ever seen. This was heaven for a rust monster…

Leaving Town (Amben)

I thought we had it tougher in town. I was wrong.

Along our path, we have monsters of some kind in the wetlands surrounding us, including something called “naga”, which don’t sound very nice to deal with. If we stay on the path, though, we could potentially run into soldiers, who aren’t very nice to deal with. I can’t wait….

To make things worse, while baulder managed to work something out with the naga around our camp to not kill us, he then proceeded to throw mud in isto’s face. Which caused a small war of sorts among baulder, isto and mamori. So thanks to their immaturity, we had to keep moving to get away from whatever we may have pissed off.

Then we ran into some merchant caravan. Alara saw something in one of the carriages, which made her scream, which caused the four hooded people around that carriage to transform into fat devil things. Well, they weren’t human, and I could’ve sworn I heard isto say something to them in his demon tongue, but I guess ‘devil’ is just a guess. Seems fitting, though.

While the powerhouses worked on two of them, and Rasgo took care of another one, I was slowly realizing my arrows weren’t doing their kind of damage, even the ones that were enchanted. Sure, I was able to hit them quite a few times, but after watching one of them get their stomach sliced open, I had a little less confidence that my arrows were going to take them down.

That’s when I realized that mamori hadn’t shown up since jumping away to the carriage, and that a large…thing…had emerged. I’m not sure what it did to her, but I’m not letting it get away so easily, and for its sake, mamori better be all right.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 40)
Rasgo journal

NIDALEE IS BACK!!! She arrived earlier today with Nathaniel. Nidalee looks and acts the same as when I last saw her. Nathaniel magically looks different to conceal his identity since he was spotted helping Cecelia and the militia is swarming around town. We had another meeting and I tried to steer it in the direction of actually having a set plan.

When Lai wouldn’t hold Isto’s mask in his extra dimensional bag, I talked about our options for splitting up. That resulted in Lai agreeing to take the mask in his bag. After my wise consult, we all agreed to get to Baulder’s mother, teleport to Sheasbury, and then teleport to the next town, to avoid some dangerous traveling. As usual, Nathaniel will break away from the group soon, and catch up to us later on.

Nidalee seemed to get along with the group well, and told some embarrassing stories about me. I’m sure more will come eventually. Her exaggerations are pretty entertaining when they aren’t about me, but I can say that she told them well, with the talent of a bard. Also, several of us, including my sister, went to see me spar using some new forms.

Baulder showed me how to better fight as these creatures. My favorite forms so far seem to be the hydra, hag, girallon, and wyvern, but I’ve only used them for a few days, so who knows how my whims may change? I’m tired, time to sleep…

By the way, I had a quick vision while Baulder was talking between forms…
… I was conducting an interrogation, but the dwarf did not seem to fear me. After getting nowhere, I turned into a wyvern, which also didn’t scare him, but then, I carried him higher and higher into the air, threatening to drop him. This scared him. When he told his first lie, I dropped him through a cloud. Once he vanished, I swooped down at full speed behind him…


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