Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 35)

We entered the room with skeletons lining the walls on benches. They appeared to have no visible causes of death. The bones were in tact, and there were two doors. The western door had heavy foot traffic. The eastern door had none. The eastern door ended up being a target practice room for spears with a door to the north and a doorway in the far corner. We left that room and headed back to the western door. That was the place where the intense psionic activity was coming from. I’ve been waiting for this place since we arrived at these ruins.

The next room was another brazier room with tapestries lining the walls. Luckily, it wasn’t lined with dart traps. We all buffed up and entered the next room as I handed Alara one of my dragon glyphs. Rabdao followed shortly after when he was done summoning his angel form. The room was lined with doorways, but our main concern was in the next room.

Lai turned us all invisible and we entered the final dark room. A minotaur stood up and charged us from the edge of the room. I noticed some crawling beetles and a lizard on the ceiling, which seemed odd. The charging Minotaur simply charged the doorway and gored Rabdao with his horn. That’s when a woman appeared. Alara through the dragon glyph behind the minotaur and I created another one in the area. After the minotaur took damage, the woman through it a potion that he drank upon retreating. It healed him and his eyes began to glow red as he looked more fierce.

The fight continued and suddenly, the air rippled with energy and half of our group was stunned in place, myself included. During my stunned minute, all I could do was watch the fight around me. Baulder got mind controlled and was attacking us. He hit me pretty hard. Isto lost control of the mask and attacked Kai. Amben shot at him with an arrow for that. Lai was standing still, apparently fighting mentally with Isto’s mask. My constructs helped kill the last of the enemies and then were sent off of the plane by the lizard. The lizard was a psion in hiding. I couldn’t turn my head to see what happened as the lizard went across the ceiling out of my vision, but I could still feel what was going on. It was like everything around me was crystal clear without needing to see anything directly.

The next thing I saw was that the lizard had turned into a Mind Flayer. This mind flayer had wanted my brains for days now and almost had them. It tried to eat my brain, but luckily my shielding protected me from his grasp while I was stunned the first attempt. Had I not created those shields, I would have been dead. All I could do was watch helplessly as the struggle went on. Rabdao was summoning birds and a dire bat. The dire bat fell victim to the Mind Flayer’s mind control. Better it than one of us.

Baulder quit swinging at me and turned to Rabdao as Rabdao casted something. Suddenly, Baulder could do nothing but chase Rabdao. The attacks were vicious. All this time, Rabdao’s birds were pecking at the Mind Flayer as it floated above me, distracting it from taking my brain. Rabdao was dodging Baulder’s attacks, getting hit here and there… this would not last long. The Mind Flayer had me in his sights again. He levitated down to my skull again and managed to latch on. I could feel the suction on my cowl as he prepared to tear through it to reach my brain in a few seconds. Still under the stun effect, I knew the end was near.

I could sense party member after party member try to pry him off of my head from all directions. They were unable to hit him, let alone, pry away his long, facial tentacles. I could see his psionic skin that he wore glimmer different colors of the spectrum in the light. The thin layer made an opening at his mouth. This piece of psionic art was going to be the last thing I noticed.

Suddenly, after a long, drawn out minute of being helplessly stunned, the effect ended, and I was free to act. I focused hard and casted defensively even as my forehead was being grappled. I had an ace up my sleeve. I will thank my mother for teaching me to ALWAYS be prepared. Upon finishing my thought, I looked it in the eye and winked. When my eye opened from the wink, 30 seconds had passed WITHOUT me in the time stream. My newest power that I learned worked like a charm.

When I returned, there was a grim scene. Baulder was crying, blaming himself incoherently and I saw why. Rabdao was dead. Baulder had completely destroyed his body. In retrospect, that sound that I heard when my head was covered was probably Baulder doing what he does best, while still under the Flayer’s control. Immediately, I thanked my group and said a short prayer for Rabdao as I created a few things. Simultaneously, I created a body cast to hold his body together and a stretcher so that two people could transport Rabdao’s body with the dignity he deserved.

During the creation, I reflected on Rabdao’s heroism and valor. He sacrificed himself so that nobody else would be killed by Baulder. He knew what would happen to Baulder’s target. Upon finishing the stretcher, I looked upward, removed my cowl, and rubbed my head, thanking Rabdao, wherever he was, silently vowing to bring him back. I was already beginning to miss his long winded sentences and charming banter. I didn’t even get the chance to learn how to charm the ladies the way he does. It was too soon for him. I wiped a tear for my fallen comrade that I barely knew who had earned a place of deep respect in my heart.

Lai piped up and said that he thinks he knows how to save him somehow and I immediately had a vision…
… I was a Mind Flayer, trying to gather information from the last living enemy after a fight. I knew that he was afraid of Mind Flayers, so I wrapped my tentacles around his face as I telepathically told him to tell me what he knows or I’d suck out his brain, one memory at a time. His mouth finally opened, so I removed the tentacle covering his mouth to hear him speak…

It worked! Kinda... (Isto)

It worked better than I could have ever expected. Its power is great. I could hit better, hit more often, and I seemed to be able to hit the displacerbeasts harder and bypass their weird dodging technique. Lai did eventually solve the puzzle… that was when I noticed I was beginning to lose control… then all the displacer beast bodies disappeared.. The mask was angry, and hungry. I had to fight it off for a moment until I could take of the mask. Then I saw how it was still angry physically. The mask was different. I quickly stowed it into my pack to deal with later.

Mamori, she seemed happy to see me when I took off the mask. I was impressed with her more feral demonic form, while IT wasn’t. IT laughed at it and called it weak. Another reason why it is being kept in my pack for now. I don’t want to deal with it tonight.

Rasgo seemed to disappear after the fight. When we found him he was asleep by a pool of water. This pool was behind a hidden door. Baulder then took a drink and passed out. It seemed that they were sleeping peacefully. I was thinking that I could bottle some up and use it when it is safer. And maybe I could actually sleep peacefully one night without seeing all of the faces…

I did force my way through, which I do need to apologize to Lai about. Maybe he will understand after I explain why I did it. I did hear him bitching about “all Isto thinks about is killing and using things to hurt others”.. Maybe if he understood my situation more, he might be less of an ass about it.

But as I drew some of the water out of the well. Somehow I feel asleep. Those few minutes I slept was some of the best in my life. I couldn’t see the faces, I didn’t hear the screams, I couldn’t smell the coppery smell of blood. It was peaceful. I decided to go back to the room Mamori was speaking of and try to sleep.

Mamori and I spoke for quite a while about things. She almost thought that the mask was some how connected to my family, such as my parent’s souls and my ancestor souls are actually the demon in the mask… I laughed so hard, for the demon does not care for my wants. It does not care if it slays everyone I know and care about. But for her sake I will ask the mask. I can only imagine the answer.

Right as I was going to sleep with Mamori…. Baulder…god damn Baulder…. He apparently heard something… We went around and noticed Lai was missing. I checked all the rooms as the others worked on this odd mirror puzzle… We eventually figured it out and Lai came back.. being so fucking pretty it makes me want to punch him in the face pretty. We found a necklace that can see things that are not visible to the normal eye. Baulder decided to wear it. I didnt want to deal with Lai and his elven “holyness.” Ever since we found that puddle he was like “THIS PLACE IS FOR ELFS AND ELFS ONLY” and just sooo annoying. Apparently the elfs might of had secrets that would of help the world of or something. But would they share it with the world? Clearly not with the state of this ruin.

During this whole thing Rabdado pointed out that the armor I found was a full set of elven chainmail. Since it provides a wider coverage than the White Lord Priestess’s mithril shirt, I decided I would wear that in the morning.

We went back to bed after this elven bull shit. I was tired and didn’t want to deal with it. In the morning Mamori ran off to join the others. Which gave me time to talk to the mask.. It was very upset at me still. I explained to it that I will uphold my end of the deal to give it souls. It wasn’t my fault that the bodies disappeared. It apparently enjoys it more if I kill the body, but a slain body will do for it. I will talk to Baulder about it later today. But I did ask it about my parents… I heard my father’s voice….. Apparently he struck some sort of deal with it and he is apart of the demon maybe. I will figure this out later. Now is not the time, for I hear Baulder coming with that terribly loud armor of his. We will talk and hopefully he will understand.

Men are jerks

I can’t believe the nerve of some people these days. Especially the nerve of these hot-headed idiots. I guess that makes me a bigger idiot for sticking around, but at least I’m safer with people who are more reckless and daring. Sometimes…

Speaking of, I still don’t understand why the knightly pain-sponge and the hobo ninja have to argue whenever we aren’t fighting anything. Or why Baulder feels like fighting anything that can hold a weapon. When we left Norsoon with Rabdao, Baulder nearly knocked him out with his fists. Sure he felt bad, but right after that, we encountered Mamori. And then we encountered Mamori’s magic powers of being other people, and as soon as Baulder met Mamori-Baulder, he instantly wanted to challenge her.

Then Rabdao started to ‘get to know’ some of us. I haven’t asked Alara about him yet, but he should be counting his blessings right about now. We ended up in an elvish ruins recently, and some weird well made Lai prettier and less anal. So a few of us went to check it out, including me and Rabdao, because we wanted to see if half-elves would be affected by the water.

Well, Rabdao went in first, but it wasn’t for very long. We pulled him out, and he needed CPR, so I tried to save his life. The next thing I know, I’m fighting to keep his tongue out of my mouth. I think he said something about ‘machismo’, but I’d call it ‘rude’, if I were being nice about it. I should’ve smacked him unconscious, but I was shocked that he even tried something like that while I was trying to help him.

I’m not devoid of emotions, to be fair, I just don’t like showing much. And yes, I think about things like romance from time to time, but this was not one of those times.

I guess I’m not giving Lai and Rasgo enough credit for being smarter than the average barbarian. But given that everyone in this group is a little off-center, I’d be better off looking for romance elsewhere…

Anyways, we’re headed to one of the rooms we haven’t seen yet, behind the big pillar room. I hope we leave this place soon, I’d rather be traveling under the skies again.

…I wish I knew if he were still alive…

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 34)
Rasgo journal

Before resting, Mamori showed me the ring that Baulder gave her. It was one of the rings of heavy. She was trying to figure out what it did, so I helped out by setting up a series of tests using wood that I created. Apparently, if you punch something, it’s similar to having an extra heavy arm. This allows for extra breaking power without breaking your hand in the process. After seeing the results that Mamori was getting, I realized that she’d make better use of the ring than I would, so I gave her MY ring of heavy too for her other hand. The combined effect of a two handed attack seemed to double the force.

Afterwards, Malphite woke me up when he heard a noise off in the distance behind the new door. Upon telling everyone, we noticed that Lai was missing. Worried, I insisted that we check out the sound. The others were tired and reluctant to go without spells, but I didn’t care. Lai’s life was in danger and I seemed to be the only one who believed it.

Mamori did a running, jumping doube-fisted punch into the wooden door and completely destroyed it using her two rings. It was an impressive sight, especially from something so small. Down the hallway, we found another puzzle room. After a while, I solved the puzzle. It involved everyone standing in a certain location in the room where they remained in focus in the mirror. Once this happened, Isto was able to walk over to the wall and pull out 3 vases and place them on the pillars where the mirror showed them. This opened a magic door.

Lai suddenly appeared in the room looking like a million platinum. He was totally refreshed and better looking than he’s ever been. He was even in a good mood for a change. I like this Lai much better. He said that he entered the pool and walked around a forest with old trees and learned a few things. Some ancient, perfect being is down here being protected by this magic place. The pool is just another form of protection for this being.

We tried putting Rabdao in the pool. It didn’t work for the half elf. Luckily, when he went unconscious and sank under water, Baulder was able to pull him out with the rope I fashioned around Rabdao. He temporarily had a great sleep from that sweet water and woke up as usual. Amben used mouth to mouth breathing for Rabdao and he woke up trying to caress her, coughing. Amben looked disgusted.

Most of us went to bed, but I was too excited to sleep right away. Amben, Lai and I went through the open door and found more hallways and seemingly useless rooms. After Kai pushed open a bedroom door blocked by a dresser, we found a room with a bed covered with nice, stained silk. The stain was from the corpse that decayed on it, leaving a skeleton. The dresser had women’s clothing in it and there were tapestries on the wall. Lai was offended by the black uniform on the ground. It was the uniform that the Raister raiders used when they raided this place. We took it to Isto to wear because it matched Isto’s current uniform. Lai apparently didn’t care if Isto wore it, but he didn’t want his half elf companion Amben to be caught wearing it. Oddly, his good mood seemed to allow him to dismiss his temporary anger.

We checked the next area and saw nothing of interest, but there was another open path leading down somewhere. We decided to leave it and explore it later. Lai was worried that going down would be potentially dangerous and we weren’t interested in fights with most of the party missing while low on spells and powers.

All night, Malphite told me about little noises that he heard. This place seems to make lots of odd noises at night. I didn’t act on the other noises since Lai was wide awake, patrolling the halls in that direction and the door was shut. I needed some real rest. When we woke up, we checked out some of the other secrets.

Baulder put on a magic locket that we found behind the mirror in a box attached to the back of it. This locket opened and had a tiny magic mirror inside it. It was apparently a portable version of the larger mirror. We used it to help us solve a new puzzle in the room behind the lever room. The room looked like a gargantuan Siege board. That was a game that I never took the time to learn, but I’d seen others playing it. Two teams would begin on opposite sides. With some trial and error, we all ended up on the board as different pieces along our wall, filling the entire back row perfectly. Kai was left behind for this puzzle. We all went across, moving in the fashion that our respective game pieces could move and crossed all the way to the other side. When the last person reached the end, the wall opened, just like the mirror of sight showed and we opened the next door behind it. Kai was then free to cross the room without being teleported off of the game board back to the small starting hallway and without making the roof drop a foot or two.

The next room had benches lined with skeletons. After seeing the other animated skeletons that could be controlled by Elves, I hoped this room would have a similar effect… When standing there, I had a vision…

…I didn’t want to hurt them, but I needed to stop their attacks. I led them to a large, dome shaped room that we passed through earlier. The small creatures weren’t very fast, so I was able to keep just the right distance as I led them on. I made the locked door to the room disappear and entered. The entire group followed with their spears in hand. Upon being surrounded in the dome room, the locked door reappeared and I was ready to begin. I grew into a 12 foot tree with long, rope-like vines growing from my trunk. I was a Roper, surrounded by writhing vines. This made most of them back up, but a few remained close. I slapped at the closest one a couple of times and he fell down paralyzed. I then slapped another one a few times, and he had a similar fate, still breathing, staring at the doomed ceiling. Those small spears were no match for my bark. We’ll soon be rid of this threat…

Memories of the Past

I still have some of the charcoal that the Esteemed Lai, elven magi, allowed me to borrow to crudely rub the etching we observed earlier in our dungeoneering. I suppose keeping a journal would not be out of the question to remark on the more interesting facets of our journey. A part of me is wistful in hoping that my sister may one day be entertained by this simple recount of events before I eventually rescue her (in due time…).

I have witnessed many amazing things— but not many with the simple ferocity of a grown man severing the crown of a young white dragon with nothing but force of will and a hunk of steel. Master Baulder and his allies are quite formidable. Even through their disagreements they seem to be able to work together as a well oiled machine to accomplish feats of selflessness and heroic duty. Of course they would claim that I have put a needless veneer over simple acts of survival. To that end we have entered what seems to be a network of manmade caverns to take refuge from the keeling cry of an adult dragon keeping watch overhead.

There is something odd about these caverns—I should say ruins after Lai and Rasgo have come to the agreement after their investigations. I do not know much of Rasgo besides his extremely cautious nature. He is guarded with his emotions and taciturn with his replies concerning his history— not that I have had much time to speak with him. Most of my time I have spent either conferring with esteemed Lai or master Baulder or in quiet reflection over the training I must finish in order to confront my true ordeal.

We found the entrance into the ruins after a night of fitful sleep and disturbing dreamstates. The dream itself implied that I was enraptured by the beauty of another— hungering for the light it contained. Portions of it have already become ether as dreams normally do, my vague recollections do them no justice except to reinforce the strange air that pervades our temporary sanctuary. After a brief battle with some grells we have come to several startling conclusions:

—these seem to be elven ruins as evidenced by the sigil we have observed on a storage chest that I somehow was able to open. The family name is Oakhurst, a name familiar to me as dictated to me by my grandmother in years past as our ancestral elven roots. My sword seems to be connected to this phenomena as well. What felt like a disembodied voice warned me of the importance of only those with elven blood wielding its haft. Mysteries upon mysteries…

—Elven magics pervade the entirety of these ruins. Some kind of time dilation effect is separating the antechamber from the ruins proper. Passing through the threshold is like moving through the waters of a lake, slow and cool to the the touch. We will have to investigate this further.

—The elves that inhabited this stronghold look to have either been driven out or slain where they stood. Only the traps and artifacts of my elven heritage remain. Esteemed Lai is adamant that we treat this bubble of time with the utmost respect. However Itso has taken offense to our claims of him simply coming to loot the various treasures, varied as they are, for just material gain without consideration. Mamori seems to be increasingly inseparable from him. I do believe that are very dubious of me and my usefulness to the adventuring party. I will say I am glad to have their expertise and insight. Their actions have already warned or disarmed many traps we have encountered.

—Rasgo and Itso have warned us about touching things in this ruin to almost no avail. Baulder was nearly struck down by a trap in the armory proceeding a brief fight with a Stone solider. The beam of light wounded baulder, but alara was able to heal him quickly. I channeled my ancestral form once again, but ultimately its strength was unneeded. Baulder, itso, and mamori were able to slay/tackle the stone soldier.

—There is a room that itso has recommended that baulder investigate. I believe he does this in jest, however Master baulder is a very literal man. Esteemed Lai has gone to accompany him. I believe and Alara have the same intentions. Hopefully this room will not be as dangerous as the others. I care not to wager against our odds haha…

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 33)
Rasgo journal

I used my sonic energy wall, and unlike the magic walls around here, that huge log shattered to splinters, clearing the doorway so we could enter and exit at will. Once the log was taken care of, Mamori returned with a bag that had ten magical metal spikes in it. She thought I’d be able to use them like magical rods… That reminded me that I had not explained my abilities to her yet.

We tried several combinations of things to do with the rods at the puzzle door. Staking the ground next to plain magic wall creates a door there. We exploded into the room with Amben and Kei in tow. Several displacer beasts laid on the ground and Baulder and Rabdao were fighting them. Alara was healing both of them, and Lai was trying to solve the puzzle. This had apparently been going on since the door slammed shut after Baulder’s life threatening folly.

As we fought a few more displacer beasts, I created two constructs and entangled each displacer beast. These things were able to blur themselves in a way that made it hard to hit them, but they still fell. Isto had something that looked demonic and ethereal coming from his body. Mamori turned into something new that she had specifically not told us about. It was a medium sized five tailed demonic fox. For some reason, she didn’t use this form on the dragon, so maybe it’s something that’s limited, like Rabdao’s angel.

As we fought, the displacer beasts were tripped, stunned, entangled, and surrounded. As long as they appeared one at a time, we seemed to know how to fight them pretty well. Our teamwork seemed to be improving. Now, we just need to keep it up.

Lai finally solved the puzzle and the room went back to normal except for the altar moving and creating a new pathway at the end of the room. The dead displacer beasts melted away without a trace and we began recovery. My healing salves were available to anyone that needed them. I’m not sure if there would be an end to how much Baulder would use. I was determined to get into the original elusive secret door. After trying to use the spike next to the door, I tried putting out both flames on either side of the door with my hands. It worked and the door opened.

Inside, there was a magical pool of sweet smelling wonderful water. After a few tests, it appeared harmless, so I took a handful to drink and woke up surrounded by Lai fighting the party as usual. Lai said that the water was holy water and it belonged to his ancestors. Then he realized that it didn’t belong to elves and that it was older than elves. His claim changed to the elves being left to protect the water. Baulder woke back up, and then Isto did shortly after. The water was great, but it puts you to sleep as far as I know. Lai was too adamant about keeping it untouched, so I moved on.

There was another door that Isto or Mamori unlocked with their fist. I won’t explain to Lai how the door was unlocked. We are entering now, spike in my hand…

… I was a cave troll with a cloaker on my back, following a cave troll with a cloaker on his back. We were trying to find something deep in some ruins somewhere. We had a long way to go and had just finished tearing apart a group of orcs…

Left behind (Mamori)

The penmanship is sloppy, the words smudged in places, and the pen even poking holes through the pages in a few spots

Frustrated, unable to help, and confined to this room with Rasgo, Amben and Kai, while my friends fight for there lives in a sealed room. I know not of what is transpiring within, but it can be nothing good. the room is sealed it seems from mundane and magical sound, Isto has… fallen to the demon within him and used its power to force his way into the next room. I can do nothing but pray here and wait for them to either come back and open the door or to smell the rot of there bodies from within. I hope my prayers are answered and that at least Isto will be safe from himself. but these things take time, and I would gladly give myself to know that the demon does not control him utterly, and that his friends do not try and strike him down.

I told Isto of my true self and he seems… undisturbed, whether that is attributed to him housing his own demon or whether he truly cares for me I may never know. hopefully we both live long enough to find out. and if we do, I intend to learn some of Istos’ powers, and try and gift him with some of mine. whether I am able to bend the universe to my whims as he does or not, I refuse to leave his side like this again. the unknowing, the pain, the suffering, on my end alone not being with him, fighting side by side, it will not happen again.

on the bottom corner where there tends to be a paw print instead there are warps in the page, presumably where they were wet at some point, around the marks is written repeatedly. “never again, never again, never again, never again.”

Mamoris Prayer

I invoke the name of Mother-fox, the names of her sons and daughters, our shared power, family and friends.

Lend me your strength to break down that, which impedes me,
Grant me your insight to help those in need,
Loan me your wisdom to feel the bend of the world around me,
Give me your health so that I may defend those who need me,
Feed your magic through me to save those who are worthy,
And lastly, feel my pain. So that you know how needed your powers are.

My partner, my friend, and his allies are trapped, and an impassible door separates me from them. I beg you for your help Mother-fox; you are all powerful and mother to us all. Your mission has sent me here, your mission has let me find friends, please grant me the power to save them, give me the power to save Isto, or if nothing else, help save Isto from himself.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 32)
Rasgo journal

In the past several minutes, several things changed. We found armor that I was able to identify as adamantine, but it was broken. Rabdao fixed it and attached it to his existing armor. Now, Baulder has an even better set of armor that’s superior to anything I’ve seen on anyone for a long time. Isto packed away an elven set of armor that we found along with some rubies from the same room.

One of the stone dummies in the armor room came to life and we killed it. Rabdao used the last of his magic and said that he needed to rest before he could be useful again. He turned into the angel, and did it quickly, in a couple of seconds using some spell. Apparently, he can’t do that very much.

I tested one of the stones in the brazier room and Lai got hit by one of the cold iron spears that came from the wall. He dramatically fell to the ground, upset at what happened. It seemed to do a little more damage than a weak punch. Luckily for him, I was able to immediately get him patched up with my healing salves.

We got into the next room, and a huge log chained to the roof flew down and slammed into the door at the end of the short hallway in the darkness. Had anyone besides Mamori set off that trap, they’d probably be dead. After much effort, we were able to break the metal lock on the door blocked by the log using some corrosive acid that I created. The acid kept eating through the containers, but luckily, I made plenty of containers just for that purpose. The stone here seems to be magically unbreakable. Even my special techniques don’t work on this stone.

Baulder and Isto were arguing again with some minor threats about how to get the log moved and Isto sent Baulder away to the next room to investigate it. Mamori and Isto remained by the log, working on the door there, while Rabdao, Lai, Alara, and Baulder entered the next room which appeared to have some kind of puzzle in it. There were 5 levers and 5 stones behind them. Amben, Kai, and I stayed in the Brazier room where we could keep tabs on both groups in case anything went wrong at either location. I was glad that Baulder and Isto had separated before violence began.

Suddenly, Baulder walks up to a lever and pulls it and the magically unbreakable stone door slams shut. We lost all contact with the group inside. We couldn’t even hear anything inside. Over the next minute, we tried to get into the room without success using everything we had. Finally, Isto told everyone to stand back and he simply walked through the magical stone without difficulty. That mask appears to be more powerful than we originally thought.

…When Isto walked through the door, I had another vision…
…Again, I was a large octopus, a tako, with a cloaker hanging over my back like a cloak. We always made a great team. He would freeze an enemy in place and I would go over and grab it with with each arm, squeezing the life from it until it died. The moans he made didn’t seem to affect me as much as it did to our enemies, but sometimes I felt their effects. It was worth it if we could keep winning like this…

Mental Log 2: Plan D (Isto)

I…I just sent them to their deaths…. I will remedy this even if it costs me….

I did act foolish, I admit it. But I am getting sick and tired of EVERYONE (Mamori exluded), double checking my work, being yelled at for desecrating a “holy elven ruin”. If that puzzle room taught Lai anything, I hope that it is this place is not sacred anymore.

Mamori and I did eventually get that lock dissolved through, with the help of Rasgo’s conjuring skills. I do not know what Baulder was trying to do in there by moving the log. I do regret that what could have been our last words were harsh. But he needs to explain himself before he does something….Bauldery. What he fails to understand at times is that I can be just as strong at him. But it is on the list of things that people dont understand. Maybe if everyone went behind everyone else and insulted/ridiculed/double checked everything that everyone else in this party done. They would understand.

But all that aside. I do think I was quasi in the wrong by not letting Baulder attempt to do whatever we was planing on doing.. A simple use of the common tongue would at least help me understand what he is trying to do. What I dont think he realizes is that he has limitations. He is not a god, he is only a man. And man is weak. This is a massive wooden column that I couldnt even push with my fullest strength. And everything cannot be solved with a Fellblade strike.

But that aside. I do regret my final words and it is unsetteling to know how much time as gone past in there. I simply just wanted them to examine the room to look around in it, see if they could figure some things out before pulling a lever. Or at least announcing they are going to do something like pull a lever.

I will let the demon take over as we planned. It seems to be getting just as angry as I am. But for totally different reasons. I bet he can sense everything in there… And it says it has a way in. We will bust in, help the others, and I pray that they dont try to strike me down.


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