Scars of Suldairia

7 Mirtul, 1563DR
"Lost Journal"

I don’t even know what to say about today. My Lord is in a particularly foul mood. He had a visit from a strange elven girl today…

the middle of the page here is missing

…In hindsight, I don’t know why I didn’t. I suppose enough of me is honor bound to minimize my traitorous behavior, but… I had an out. I returned it to him, and he struck me as thanks, but it makes me sick now to know that I had an out. I had an opportunity, and gave it up. GODS. What’s wrong with me? I dare not ever speak this aloud here. Mother would be disappointed, but if He knew that I honestly thought of destroying him, he would probably torture mother to death in front of me before giving me plenty of personal attention. At least he’s predictable.
I’m laughing. The girl who brought me my laundry just a few minutes ago was probably scared to death. I think my manner at the moment is probably unsettling. Maybe I’m losing my mind. I think I should (there’s some ink smudge, and the rest of the page is torn off.)

5 Mirtul, 1563DR
"Lost Journal"

I slept later today than I intended. I intend to write another letter to Victor, alerting him of my new found urgency to get out of here with mother. Though I am normally disinclined to share my discomfort with others, I have to share it with someone, I think, and I believe that he will understand. I am currently nervous about sending out hawks though. Perhaps I should wait a couple of days. I am disquieted by the recent developments. I can’t let it shake my confidence. I must continue to win if I am to maintain a low enough profile to have my foul master’s disdain ebb a bit. I resumed training today for that purpose, even though I still feel a little rough. It seems the men were not told of my… condition, and I intend to keep it that way. They are better off not knowing.
The page is smudged badly here
…has been polite to me, but has not pushed me as Viera did. I cannot express how grateful I am for her less forward demeanor.
A hole is torn here
I can’t honestly say that I miss any devils, but I much prefer the working relationship that I have with Gabrantes. It sickens me that I must work with them, but I think that these devils might have more honor than most the men here. I wonder if I damned to hell for this life.

Mental log (isto)

First time doing this. Figuring the mask is guarding my mind so I can at least keep theses thoughts safe.

First off. I think they are all being fools. They are treating like there is nothing here and taking their time in a library….. I was not surprised to hear the fact that they all almost died in here. We are being hunted. They know our weakness’s obviously.

And as a side note. I am not surprised with their lack of trust in what I have done. But since the demon said yes, I feel confident it will allow us to work together. After using this thing over the years I have grown to quasi trust it. My father trusted it to save me… And it did. And now I will trust it to help me save my friends. My friends just need to put their ignorant feelings about it aside and learn to trust me more often. I still do not fully understand why they dont trust me yet as a group. Yes Rasgo and Mamori trust me, but Lai? I Know Baulder quasi trusts me, but he and the others do not listen to my wisdom, which is shameful.

And I do not appreciate being scorned as such by the others when I picked a singular object and looted it. IT was silver. No one was using it. And I can use it to help me get established on this side of the continent. I have nothing and all I now own I carry with me. And I need new clothes.

And speaking of clothes. This cloak is great. Yah it was someone who clearly invaded this place. But I will take it. And these silken pajama pants. Not my style, but I will change them out when we find something else. These are definitely suited for bed ware. Which I presume is the reason why Mamori brought me these….

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 31)
Rasgo journal

This entity in here wants us to find it, but much of the party is very afraid. My curiosity overcomes my fear right now. During the night, I told Lai that it told me to come find it and he went crazy. I woke everyone up because his head was leaning back, eyes glazed over, and mouth gaping open. He was apparently looking like that because of how upset he was that I didn’t tell him that piece of information sooner. I could understand him being upset, so when he attempted to punch me with his frail fist, I let him hit me.

Lai wants Isto to loot less, while he loots as much as he can. Lai claims that he will give his findings to his people. I’m more interested in the dragon parts right now though. We all agree that we want to destroy as little as possible, but have no problem destroying things to reach secrets.

We found more rooms and hallways. One room was filled with books. Lai and I read some titles, and Lai looted some of the important looking books. I don’t recall any titles I saw seeming important though. At some point, a trap was triggered and the library room was set on fire. We all got out, but the door tried to hold the victims inside the room to burn with the books. The door shut, and began to regenerate the hole in it.

Behind that room, we saw a room with two rows of large braziers. Cold iron spikes would fly from the wall and enter holes in the walls on the other side if anyone stepped on the pressure plates on the floor in front of them. After extinguishing the braziers, we were able to travel around the room, stepping on the stones that said “this way” in elven.

There were a handful of doors in the room. One was the burned library room. Next to that was a room with a dead cultist and some trinkets. Most importantly, there were some pants for Isto that were in nice condition. He seemed a bit ungrateful because they looked like pajama pants, but still put them on.

…As we entered the third door in the brazier room, I had another vision…
…I was a pixie hiding behind a tree. I made myself invisible and began attacking target after target while remaining invisible. As I flew over the battle, nobody seemed to notice me. It was exhilarating…

Do You Even Clean? (Mamori)

this page seems to be a thin sheet of copper plate, instead of letters there are odd gouges on it. hinting at a long unused form of communication. and a terribly difficult, but solvable cipher

Isto, he is an odd person, originally my eyes beset me to the strongest and most… flamboyant of the bunch, but I know now that flamboyancy does not always equal power, Isto seems to be just as strong, if not more so than Bauldur, and now that I know what to look for, almost as flashy.

He may have tread a… less than honorable path, but he does it for good reason. he killed mercilessly before, but he is a changed man. but above all else he has taken a liking (read: licking) to me as I have him. better than that even, is he seems to want to protect me, in his eyes i am pure and innocent, he had to explain to me what a

gouged in common
back to the odd scratches

Is, as as well as a few other, less reputable things my vulpine language has no use for.

He also has a fair amount of modesty about him, when I de-robed myself so that he could stay warm he averted his eyes, even though he has seen my Foxxy form in the nude, I don’t think he truly realizes that we are one and the same.

originally I tried to… persuade him to long deep gouges go almost through the plate at this point but no matter the form I took, especially Bauldur, he did not seem interested. It does seem it is not as easy as mother fox said it would be to gain these humans favors. young nor old. male nor female. nothing piqued Istos interest. that is until I reverted to my “true” form and talked with him. these days in the mountains have given us ample time to communicate and he really has opened up to me, he is scared FOR me not OF me… that is something I’m not accustomed to. he takes my innocence as something to protect not something to consume.

He really is someone special… I’ve been sleeping with him purely to keep warm the first few days.. but more recently, last night for instance. before we rested he allowed me to sleep inside his bag in my “true” form. even relinquishing his grasp upon the dagger and his mask…

He knows things I don’t about city life “gambling” and such, but I know things about beauty, life, and passion he does not. we will have to exchange knowledge. I will make an attempt to show Isto the wonderful, beautiful side of life, while he educates me about… what did he call it… “the seedy underbelly of the world”

reverting back to common

He trusts me, and I trust him, would Mother-Fox be surprised at the compassion this man has shown me? or would she be ashamed I was unable…no… unwilling to seduce him as we have been taught. If i am to lose my innocence in these lands as I have been warned, then at least I have a good Maste… friend by my side.

In the bottom right corner instead of an open paw print there is a closed fist imprinted into the metal, a good quarter inch deep and almost perfectly detailed. written into each finger: “Lost track of days, doesn’t matter much anyways. so long as I can stay with Friend Isto”

Chasing evil, dragons, and relationships (Isto)

Our recent additions to the party has help sway my thinking of writing my thoughts down into a non-common tongue. For I will never know who will find this. And my secrets need to be kept safe

the following is written in a series of strange runes.

Well now that bit is over. I can feel safer that it will take at least some work reading this. deciphering this would take time. And writing it is surely taking time as well. But I digress. The events of the past few days were interesting. As I last stated, we picked up some new people. One I still believe to be fairly useless, the man called Rabdao. I do not mean to be harsh but he seems to have no battle prowess at all. He has some sort of angel form, but still, haven’t seen it put to a practical use. Perhaps here we will see what he can do. He keeps insisting on training with Baulder. But I still see the problem of a completely different battle style between the two of them.

As we adventured up the mountain, the other decided to bring a small fleet of horses. I advised against it, and I wish they heeded my warning, for I am writing this now tending to the half a dozen horses we brought along. The fox spirit Mamori joined me in the hike up, figuring her skills would be best suited beside me. Which I wasn’t far off. But there is something about her…. Anyway, We did stop for a night in a cave. Which was good. it was getting cold and I do not have proper attire for this. I went straight to sleep that night, waiting for my turn to do watch. When I was awoken, I took a shift with Nathaniel. I dared to ask how I was doing, and it did warm me up a bit telling me that I am on the right path.

We spent another dull day of hiking… Well I cannot say it was dull, for at least I had company. Mamori, she is a creature unlike anyone I have ever seen. We talked the whole way up. And a good portion of the next rest. Her kind is very…. well. A physical type of relationship when it comes to how they gain friends and such, at least that’s what I could determine from the stubborn creature. After talking to her for a period of time, it was obvious that she has no understanding of the cruelty of man. I had to explain to her gambling, slaves, and why I will not be called a master. The region I an from… I have scene things that I just pushed away out of my mind. But now that someone could be warming….well, my soul up. I feel as if her innocents might be a dangerous thing in cities. I will keep close watch of her in those instances. She insisted on sleeping in my bedroll that night, I accepted only because she agreed to stay in her animal form and to keep warm.

And then there is today. We reached one of the higher parts of this mountain range. And it seems we nearly caught up with the men we are chasing, for there was a man frozen in ice standing before us. Seeming to be running away from something. Baulder thinks it was a dragon, I would not doubt it, since Baulder knowledge of beasts seems to be one of his strong points. Later we found a split path… One very small only someone not heavily armored could go down, and the other a normal path. I checked this narrow path, it being like a crack between to faces of hte mountain. Mamori tagged along… What we saw… It churned even my stomach. There were several men. Dead… I wouldn’t say dead, they were mauled, destroyed, dismembered, and even looked as if they did not have any blood left. It sickened me.ME. The person who used to do things similar to this for a living… But this, I could tell wasn’t done by humanoid hands. Something worse. I advised the party that going down there was a waste of time, and those bodies were beyond recognizable. But even after my warning, they decided to go down there. When will they learn to trust me… Even Rasgo wanted to go… I fear they do not understand the gravity of what lies before us.

After we wasted time dealing with this little endeavor… we got to the true peak… where there was no snow fall.. And then I heard it… a flapping noise. I looked up to see A dragon. A white dragon. after doing a few fly by attacks (including a biting cold breath) It landed and that was when we struck. I am not used to fighting such beasts, and I feel if I did not have taken Alexander’s blade, we would have had a rougher time with it. The blade struck true as I ran past it and jabbed it in the leg. I released my mind constructed acid into the beast. It seemed to cry out in pain. Baulder seemed to have had its complete attention, which allowed Rasgo’s beasts to swat at it. I was ever impressed with Mamori, she was able to jump onto the back of the beast. I feared for her well being, for she … well… I dont know why I did it. This is something I would never normally do… I used my new found power of warping someone to where I am and I then appear where they stood. I still dont know why I did it. To save her or to get a better vantage point on the dragon… But either way, I stabbed the great beast as Baulder was being attack viciously by it… And right before it crushed him to death… Baulder found the momentum to bring his great weapon down upon the neck of the beast. Severing it. Causing its blood to spew onto myself and Baulder…. (scrawled on the side of the page in common As a side note, I need to get a wardrobe when we get back to Sheasbury, for I do not have any decent clothing left)

Now, I may not have killed many dragons in my time, but I know the value of one. I have seen pieces of this fetch for high prices. And besides, I kind of want a trophy from this. Not many have been able to say the felled a dragon and lived. So, since I was on its back, I tried to dislocate the wing. With some precision shots, and help from Rasgo’s beasts, I was able to rip it off. I quickly tied it up to make it easier to transport while Mamori gnawed on a leg and Baulder hacking at it trying to be able to rip it off. Eventually I gutted the beast so that Rasgo could get some useful ingredients out of it. But soon we heard a roar…. Apparently this was not the only dragon, and this one sounded bigger, so we fled into these ruins.

In here I found a large doorway that was trapped by some sort of spiked pit. I was trying to find a place for us to stay and rest, for I was exhausted. But the others seemed to want to press on. Knowing how I am vulnerable to the mask when I am not at my strength, I advised against it. But again no one listened. Apparently this was some sort of Holy Elven Ruin. Lai seemed to be in awe. But I felt something here. Rasgo pinged earlier…. and we both felt it… a ping… that didnt belong to either of us…. I tried to contact the Mask, but the demon within is trying to ward my mind and it from being read. I fear something more evil and sinister than a cult is down here. And it does not settle well me. That is why I am writing out here and staying away from the inside…

this ink seems fresher and written more quickly.. yet pushed into the paper harder almost out of anger. Yet it is still in those same strange ruins

I…I told. Them. Told them this place wasn’t safe. Those..> those beasts, they were not the source of the psionic tell. I know… But it isn’t common for creatures of the mind to keep such beasts. But when it paralyzed me, I could feel the mask… It was angry… very angry… I could only imagine what would have happened if that paralysis lasted any longer. But I must rest… I need to recoup my strength….

now this ink is written with a style previous to the original
That girl.. Mamori… I am not sure… But I feel we grew close. We talked after she noticed I was under duress. She was able to calm me down… She apparently thinks we have a bond… I do not doubt it much myself anymore… I am still confused. We did just meet. But I feel as if I need to protect her. When all this craziness is over I wish to learn more of her. She doesn’t care what I was, what I do, she only cares of what I try to do in the here and now.I don’t know what I am thinking, but the previous night, I allowed her to sleep in her humanoid form with me. I wish for her to be comfortable.

I will protect her and the others, for I fear they do not know what we are walking into.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 30)
Rasgo journal

After a confusing moment, Isto and Baulder helped with the large white dragon carcass. It was clearly older than any of us, but still relatively young for a dragon. As I pulled out what I could from the neck hole, Isto began trying to remove a wing. I had my constructs help him out with it. Baulder began hacking off a leg, very forcefully. The others did not help, although Mamori wanted a long bone, like the femur.

I asked Isto to help get the belly open after the wing was off and he began cutting it open with more precision than power. Once opened, I began to go for the most useful organs I could find. I didn’t want to carry around a souvenir and stand out any more than I already do, but I DID need to make use of some of these rare parts. Nathaniel’s bird wouldn’t stop chattering to him, and finally flew away. Nathaniel left, following the bird, saying that he had to go see about something and would find us later, I think. I was a little distracted at the time. I spent so much of my life wanting to meet a dragon. This is not what I hoped for, but it’ll have to do for now.

After a few minutes, which seemed only like seconds, a much larger dragon roared a distance away. We immediately prepared to leave. Lai made the dragon invisible and used prestidigitation to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, the rest of us went to a passage that Amben found as Lai followed, invisible, cleaning up. Isto and Baulder did the heavy lifting, and a few of us carried some lighter things. Before leaving, some of us picked up white dragon scales and took them with us.

We reached the entrance to some ruins and went inside, avoiding the path that led down the mountain, which was exposed to a potential flying angry mother dragon. Inside, there was a ledge and old worn stairs, both leading to the same place. Isto took the dragon head and jumped down gracefully. I had the dragons fly down the heavy dragon leg since nobody else could get it down there without just dropping it. I’ll have to make the dragon constructs white, at least for a while.

With the help of my creation, everyone, including all of the horses, eventually made down the 80 feet of rickety steps. At the bottom, there were extensive ruins, but I was attracted to a door with magic and psionics behind it. As I pinged, something alive spoke to me telepathically and told me I need to come to it. It said nothing else afterwards. At the same time, it was able to look at Malphite temporarily, possibly with some kind of scrying effect similar to what the demon used before. Malphite was alone with Isto when it happened, so maybe this being believes that Malphite is with Isto and not me. Without Flotibahl, we won’t know if it’s still looking at us, but I see no special effects around Malphite now.

I want to believe that this entity means no harm, but I’m not sure. Before approaching the door, I made sure to heal everyone’s damage after the dragon attack. Afterwards, Lai acted out of character and tried to enter the trapped door after I beat the pit trap with force instead of asking someone stronger to take care of it. Did it tell him to come too? We finally got the door open and saw traffic going through the room to two doors. We found two very old skeletons that appeared to be elven or human and several fresher goblin bodies. They seem to have died to metal projectiles fired through slits in the wall.

Each door had more rooms and hallways behind them. One door lead to a hallway that had a locked heavy door and a cave in. The other door had a hallway with a couple of doors. One door let to a room with more passages and dead goblins at a table. Upon entering, we were attacked by two aberrations that were brains with tentacles and beaks that seemed to magically fly around. Lai found two secret doors. We managed to get inside one, which had undead skeleton archers that Lai could control. Lai is going to finish searching that protected room for another passage. They must be protecting something.

I find it interesting how Lai seems to cope with things that contradict his prior beliefs. He hates aberrations and undead, but what will he think now that he sees that his ancestors created them both for protection. He seems to believe strongly in his elven tutelage, what will he think about me now that he sees that his ancestors dabbled in psionics too? Maybe he will be less afraid of it since he believes so strongly that his people consistently do the right things.

We are tired and need to rest, but I have some creating to do before sleeping. I now feel comfortable enough to use my powers in front of the new party members since they’ve seen me in action already. Isto is pretty spooked about this place, but can’t explain why, outside of the fact that his mask is putting up wards in here. Maybe the mask doesn’t want to lose power over Isto. For all we know, this could help Isto more than he realizes. I will insist that we move forward through the passages in this buried tower.

…A vision came to me as we looked at the slaughtered aberrations…
… I reached the end of an underground hallway that opened into a large cavern. My body changed from a large wyvern to a more muscular, huge wyvern as I stopped just inside the cavern. I flexed my muscles, feeling my new strength, and stretched my much larger wings. This felt good…


Within a simple sack, a small tattered piece of cloth poorly covers a pile of stones. These stones look almost like glass, a variety of colors swirl beneath the glass, and inscribed poorly across the front says ’Baulder’s Journal’. All the stones have a number inscribed on them, and a small piece of paper with instructing’s on how to operate the stones is ‘hidden’ in the sack. With a few deft twists, a magic word, and a series of gestures, the stone slowly glows to life, a voice coming from the stone…

Ha ha ha ha ha! I did it! I killed a white dragon! HAAHAHAHA! Ok, just, give me a moment to calm down, explain what had happened. So…first things first, yes it’s still Baulder. Also, apparently I had been using the stones wrong earlier. By wrong I mean that in fact I had not been leaving journals within the stone, but I had just been talking to myself. So. Yeah. There’s that. Not exactly thrilled about that.

Regardless, that doesn’t change the fact that I had slayed the dragon! Or, a, dragon, to be correct. With Amben following the trail the lot of us followed some cultists that had escaped from Norsoon. As we approached the mountain trial I recounted some of the tales I had heard. Frost Giants that were the size of peaks themselves. White dragons whose wings could cause blizzards in themselves. There are many tales about this place and the monsters that reside within it, so needless to say I was quite nervous as we scaled the mountains. The wind was harsh and bitter, the air chilled as we continued with every step. Amben was easily able to follow the trail, but night was falling and it was starting to get even colder on the mountain. We ducked into a large cave, in a desperate attempt to shield us from the cold.

We were safe from the cold, but with the knowledge that these mountains held monsters, I was uneasy. I searched the cave as best as I cold for some signs that something might have lived in here, and from my searches I was able to find what was a dragon scale at one point. It must have been there for at least 50 years, and the size of it was then meant that if it were still alive, it would be sizeable at this point. Which meant it was very dangerous. We found a large pool in another part of the cave, and with the help of Rasgo and Malphite we could tell that there were many chambers and corridors.

With my recent finding of the scale, my theory was a white dragon was using a series of caves to live within the mountain, and that it used the connecting water pools to travel between them. The cave we were in was certainly big enough to house an older dragon. Anyways, I was not entirely comfortable with the whole situation. Though I was growing powerful with every fight, I’m not too sure I could take on a full grown dragon.

We camped there for the night, and I was able to talk to Rabdao some more. I saw him go through the stances that his previous master had taught him, and though he’s got great potential, I’m not entirely sure if he’s combat ready. I feel…I feel as though his other form may be his path. He didn’t speak much of it, so I think he may be worried what it’s capable of but…I think it may be where his strength is. I wish I knew more, but I’ll see what I can learn about him. I even had a chance to speak with Mamori. She’s just like the kitsune’s I had heard about, playful and rambunctious. She didn’t tell me too much as to why she was in this area, other than she wanted to travel, which is fair enough seeing as that’s one of the many reasons I had left home. I’m hoping I can get another chance to talk with her.

Anyways! Night passed uneventfully, thank Kord, and as I turned in to sleep I realized quite quickly that no one had thought to check which way the cave faced! It was facing east, before you asked, and just as I started to really enjoy my sleep the rays of the sun greeted me. I was not very happy about that. We continued to follow the trails, until we saw a really disturbing sight. A man, bearing a cloak with the cultists symbol, had been frozen in combat. Mid-swing, his posture declared combat while his face betrayed a look of concern. The books I had read on dragons told me this could very easily have been the work of a White Dragon and it’s icy flames. I was positive now that a dragon was active in these parts, for Amben told us that this couldn’t have happened than more than an hour ago. After finding a small hovel for the lot of us we slept for the night before continuing, this time I was actually able to get sleep.

Further up the mountain we went until as we found several passes, one much thinner while the other continued to the peak of the mountain. After Isto and Mamori investigated the smaller pass they returned with grave and foreboding news. Apparently there were six bodies of what might have been cultists in this small area, there bodies completely mutilated, but the blood of their bodies having been removed. I tried to think of what creatures would do this to a body, and remove the blood but I couldn’t recall any. I think that troubled me more than the dragon.

Finally, we reached the peak of the mountain. The wind was fierce though it sounded different. Odd. There was a pattern to it, and me, and several others, realized that something was coming, and fast. We dropped to the ground, a white dragon rocketing above us. A real white dragon was here now! At first I had been nervous…worried that I wouldn’t be ready. But seeing this creature before us, and all its glory…I was excited. Lai casted a spell of sorts to turn some of us invisible, but the dragon could still see the others. I couldn’t suppress a grin as it battered us with its icey flames, and as it circled around to fire again and I stepped from the invisibilty and pointed at the creature, “COME AND FACE ME FOUL BEAST!”

And the creature did not disappoint. It landed, and seeing all of its might before me sent a shiver through me. I was shaking as I leveled the Fellblade at the creature. I can’t tell if I was shaking out of fear or excitement. Rasgo summoned more of his strange creatures, having them circle the dragon as I stepped back and lunged at the dragon, the Fellblade cutting into its body. We surrounded it, Mamori leaping onto its back and Isto switching with her to stab into its back. Rasgo’s constructs slammed the beast, but it’s attention was focused on me. With a wicked bite it tore past my armor and into me and I felt the familiar pain of battle. It only thrilled me and drove me to keep fighting!

Alara stood behind me, her magic easing my wounds as Lai made me and several of the others even faster! I struck the creature again, this dragon now bloodied and hurt. I roared at it, inviting its aggression. It let out its own snarl before it let out its own vicious attack. Its teeth ripped past my armor, claws tearing into me, its tail smashed into my side and I could swear I heard a rib or two snap before its wings smashed into me. I could feel my blood spill, my vision going dark. It was a feeling I was starting to get too accostumed too. But with it brought strength, the move I had trained so hard for. I took all of my pain, and all of the dragon’s fury…AND TURNED IT RIGHT BACK AGAINST IT! With a viciosu slice the fellblade and I sliced the dragon’s head clean from its shoulders! I let out a bloodied cry of victory before darkness claimed my sights.

I woke, a few moments later, with Alara kneeling over me. Now that was a pleasant site to wake up to. Her hands glowed with healing magic, many of my wounds healing but not many, enough so I could stand. But not before I saw blood leaking out from underneath her armor. I had seen it before, back in Norsoon..but it may seem that she must hurt herself to heal? Is that even possible? The thought worries me. I stood up though, picking up the dragon’s head and watching as Isto and Mamori sought to harvest the dragon’s corpse for parts.

But, as they sought to take it apart, I was able to take a closer look at the beast. It was…young. Too young. I felt a tremor of fear run through me as I realized that the mother must still be around. I told the others “We must leave, now!” And on cue we heard it…the roar of the mother dragon. We had to act fast, Lai moving forth and making the blood disappear from the snow and then making the corpse of the dragon disappear. He told us his magic wouldn’t last long and we made haste down another path. Amben, who had set forth to explore after the battle, brought us to an ancient set of doors. I couldn’t care less what that might mean, just that we had to get inside. We shut the doors behind us, and finally made it to least for a time.

Anyways, sorry this was so long. A lot had happened. I’ll try and keep the next few stones short. Baulder Fellblade Journal Entry 1

A moment later the stone’s glow dims until finally dissappearing

I'm on a Wyrm! (mamori)
An Isolated Island Production

over the entire body of this page there are several scratches and ink blots, but through the lines and many…MANY swears, you can make out the following sentences.

Ohh shit, get your weapons ready,
everybody get down!
Everybody in the place hit the fucking deck
but stay on your motherfucking toes.
we killin’ it, lets go

I’m on a Wyrm, I’m on a Wyrm,
everybody look at me
‘cause I’m riding on a Wyrm.
I’m on a Wyrm, I’m on a Wyrm.
Take a good hard swing
at the mother fucking Wyrm

I’m on a Wyrm motherfucker, take a look at me
Straight riding on a Wyrm with a look of glee
hanging for life, clenched around its throat.
you cant stop me motherfucker cause I’m gonna gloat

take a picture Ist’, I’m on a Wyrm, bitch
from his frost breath, it is so crisp
its got a wing attack, a tail swipe
frost breath, aint gonna gripe.

again in the bottom right corner you see a little Paw-print with writing around it, this time it says, day thirteen. “I am upon a dragon, harlot. Do not allow it to ever slip your mind.”

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 29)
Rasgo journal

After dropping off the townspeople with our guild, we followed the trail that we found earlier. Rabdao and Mamori decided to join us and the guild members approved. They seem to be good at surviving, but I’m worried that they may be in unnecessary danger. Only time will tell.

Amben followed the footprints into the mountains. It got colder and the air got thin. It got harder to breathe as we climbed higher. We rode until we were too tired to continue and rested for the night. We found shelter in a cave with a natural, narrow opening. It widened on the inside and led to a spring of clean water in the back of the cave. On the way, there was an old dragon scale and we figured that it was from a white dragon.

I allowed Malphite to submerge into the spring water and climb down. It seemed endless with some side tunnels and a large opening at the bottom. I didn’t allow him to drop down, fearing his demise. Later that night, Baulder and Isto had a scuffle that woke me up. They seemed like they were getting along better lately, and now, they’re back at it.

Outside of these oddities, everything seemed normal. The next morning, we continued to travel and after hours, we found a dead man frozen in mid swing with his sword. His face looked concerned, and he had one of the red favors on him. This looked like the work of a white dragon or someone trying to emulate the effects of a white dragon. According to Amben, the frozen man was one of the two people we were following. The final person that we tracked continued forward until the tracks seemed to run into other tracks.

Nearby, we saw a cave entrance to a narrow passage filled with dead, mutilated bodies. It was terrible in there and we quickly left the scene. After more traveling, we were attacked by a large white dragon. Everyone but me ducked in anticipation of the attack, but I was frozen in place, stuck in my own mind, in reverence of what was heading toward me. At the last second, I snapped out of it and leaned back touching the ground with my shoulder and quickly stood back up.

At that moment, Lai turned us invisible and the dragon breathed icy breath on us. It burned and was clearly what killed the last man. It initially kept its distance and we all prepared for the fight. Once it landed, many of us pounced. Isto gave it a devastating blow, and I sent my constructs in to help and distract it from behind, causing some damage and cutting off some of its retreat options. I entangled the dragon with ectoplasm, which seemed to significantly weaken it.

Baulder and Nathaniel also did their best to quickly kill the dragon. Amben and Rabdao seemed out of place during the fight. At some point, Isto was on the dragon, attacking while hanging on. Mamori also helped out a bit, jumping at the dragon providing distraction. As a final flurry of death throws, it attacked Baulder several times, and was decapitated as a return blow from Baulder finished the fight. Amara immediately revived Baulder as he fell unconscious to the ground.

The first thing I did after that moment was to run to the dragon’s body drawing a dagger. I pushed both arms into the large neck hole and began to cut out body parts. There seemed to be extra parts inside that didn’t appear in other animals that I had eaten. I decided to pay special attention to those abnormal parts.

… When I saw the dragon for the first time, flying in for an attack, I had a vision…
… I was a pegasus, beautiful and well groomed. Next to me was a dire eagle. It told me that it found our targets and dove, I followed and saw the three manticores patrolling around a huge carcass. The people riding us began casting…


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