Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 23)
Rasgo journal

We exited the church and turned left, heading in the direction of the cultists in the darkness. A few light spells were used, along with a lit lantern to help us see in the dark. A few zombies attacked and were killed. An emu jumped 20 feet high into the air, got head butted by my flying construct, and still managed to attack me. Luckily, the wound was only superficial. As the razor tooth undead emu descended, I had a quick vision…

…I was a large shark swimming in the ocean. A school of fish parted as I passed through. I didn’t care about the fish, I cared about the ship above, and and its passengers…


If she was anyone else, these undead creatures might have scared them away or caught and killed them. The thought of fighting a losing battle would seem insane, even impossible. If she was anyone else.

But rational thought and unnatural fear meant nothing to Amben, not after everything she had faced in her lifetime. No, the only things Amben was focused on right now was how high to raise her bow, and how hard to swing her scythe.

Only after everyone entered the church did it really dawn on her how ironic it was, granting these rotting corpses a “second death”, as if she were trying to be the grim reaper himself. But the reaper would never match the anger Amben had, and she took a moment to calm down in solitude, quietly.

Tears mixed with the sweat dripping from her brow, and it took some effort not to have a nervous breakdown in the church. There were still too many wounds that hadn’t healed, and all of the memories she hated to see had flashed before her eyes. Nightmares of that ghost town she had called home almost resonated with the crowd just outside, and she bit her lip to keep from crying harder.

Amben knew how poisonous her revenge was, but she no longer cared. Wiping away the tears, she knew she would find who was resposible. No matter what.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 22)
Rasgo journal

We found a secret area below the church in town. I created a ladder and we all descended and found a priestess of the church named Alara. We nursed her back to health and she told us how several of the townspeople were converted to an evil cult. They raised undead and killed others around them to create more.

Baulder saw a magic gauntlet and put it on against the advisement of Lai and myself without allowing for anyone to check it out first, even after what recently happened to Lai. After a good rest, we awoke and prepared to mend this town with the help of Alara and another cleric.

…During a short meditation after waking up, I had another vision. I was a huge wyvern standing among my comrades outside of a keep. As expected, a couple of rows of archers stood up from the top of the wall and readied their bows. I waited patiently for the word “aim” to be yelled out. Upon hearing it, I immediately jumped into the air and began to hover, slowly moving from side to side. This created a very large cloud of dust that covered all of us, creating total concealment and pushing the dust cloud up the walls of the keep, this plan was going well so far…

What...just...happened. (Isto)

Dont have much time to write….but… something happened… something new… something I haven’t felt or dealt with before. Must write about this more after we get a better place to rest…

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 21)
Rasgo journal

For the past few minutes, many things have happened. Zombie emus have wandered to the fight and the clerics have scared away half of the zombies. I continued to keep our group alive long enough to barely survive the onslaught. Luckily, these clerics arrived when they did. They seemed to have traveled here after finding out about the undead problem and are waiting on someone more powerful they call sister. We have now followed a cleric into the church, leaving the undead outside as she holds them at bay with a spell.

The church looks very fancy inside, but it’s been ransacked. There are blood stains all around, probably from fighting. This is a church of Ilmater, the crying lady. The lawful good deity of suffering, endurance, and martyrdom. There is an evil symbol including a skull daubed in blood. It represents a cult like religion of death and necromancy. These sights sparked a quick vision.

…I was a spy, hiding among an evil group of orcs. I was gathering information about their plans. They didn’t seem to suspect me and I smiled to myself as I closed the door to my quarters…

After the vision, Lai asked about Nathaniel’s whereabouts. Nobody knew for sure, he seemed to vanish early in the fight.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 20)
Rasgo journal

For around 30 more seconds of fighting, more undead continued to flood in from all angles. Lai floated around and enlarged Baulder before floating around aimlessly. Baulder killed tons of zombies. Isto and I helped to keep Baulder from dying. For the first time, my alchemy has directly saved lives. The fallen zombies began to magically piece back together and stand up to fight again.

I was excited to see my unstable wall of ectoplasm produce flames that the undead seemed to avoid. I was also excited to use my construct as a flying chariot while I levitated and held onto its tail.

Finally, Nathaniel held his own against waves of zombies almost alone and didn’t appear to be worn down. As we were running low on resources, 3 men arrived to help on horseback. They appear experienced in fighting undead. We shall see.

… I was sitting on my perch on the edge of a cliff looking down into the passageway far below. I knew they wouldn’t notice me here. I could feel the warm blood quickly flowing through my avian body. I was a dire eagle. Looking down, I saw a hooded figure below on horseback riding full speed. I immediately fell forward and began to dive. Halfway down the cliff, I let out a squawk as I reached eye watering speeds, eyes still on the prize. He wasn’t going to send that message. With wings halfway extended, I changed my angle to meet his trajectory. A split second later, my wings fully extended and my speed dramatically slowed as I was 20 feed behind his head. My size and shadow were too small for him to notice. Suddenly, he looked back with a look of surprise and terror as a dinosaur, a fleshraker raptor, pounced on him, slashing, biting, clawing, and poisoning him all at once. I braced myself for the impact on the ground with a fleshy cushion underneath me…

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 19)

Suddenly, the important recent past has become relatively unimportant. We are surrounded by undead and they just keep coming.

We’ve fought the front line back, and now, another wave is coming seconds later. They’re coming from the ground and from behind buildings. We need to find their source. Luckily, they don’t seem very intelligent. A few have thrown body parts at us, including a head.

For a split second, I had a vision as hands were bursting from the ground. I had just finished burrowing underground behind a tree as we were fleeing attackers. I purposefully left a large hole behind me. My party followed behind me and we positioned ourselves just under the surface in the path they’d surely follow. They did. We all exploded from the ground behind them, allowing us a clear path to the wizard running the show.

Our new adventure (isto)

The others have received a mission, and it seems Rose has even joined their ranks. It seems what I had said has put me off in the eyes of the organization, but apparently this is also going to be a second chance for me to join.

Apparently there is a town a few days distance on horseback that is being invaded by the undead. Nothing unheard of to me. But we are sent in to investigate, and most likely, stop the source of the undead. I hate undead. Something dead should stay dead.

The first two nights were relativity peaceful… but the third day was an oddity. Apparently Zeph had some sort of soul locked into a locket that leaked out… a psionic soul… It escaped out of the town, but that was without revealing several powers of our party, and Lai’s near death. The contact we met in this town took care of Lai while we fought the possessed guard captain. Needless to say that night we were ran out of town due to Rasgo’s summoning. Some people need to accept the fact there is strange magicks in the world, and not all of it is used for evil.. But I guess I am biased.

I almost killed one of the men chasing us. He knocked down Rasgo from his horse, I did not know what he would have done to Rasgo, so I did what was needed in my opinion. Baulder did not approve of my actions, but if the gods wants the man to live, he will recover. I explained to Baulder why my actions were so. Apparently he didnt know as much as my past as I thought.

That night Lai made us a magickal tent that protected us from prying eyes. Which was nice. I removed my mask and slept without it. Baulder saw my face for the first time, along with our new companion… which I swear I have seen around before….. was he with Her? Anyway…. its morning now… and I had the strangest dream.

It was not like my usual dreams of my memories… it was almost like a vision of sorts… I saw animals in my dreams.. a Rhino, panther, bear, fox, snake, and eagle… they seemed to have given me some sort of power.. I can feel as if I can call upon that power now… This might come in handy when we reach that village..

Nathaniel, were you the one who was with Her?… I will stay back and watch. Perhaps it was one of the guilds missions to keep Her safe. It seems to be his task to keep an eye on me. We shall see how this goes.

We should reach this village soon, and a battle will happen. I normally used to look forward to these type of things… but the undead… UGH… my powers will be limited, but I feel this will go well. At least I wont have to hold back.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 18)
Rasgo journal

What started out as a complex misunderstanding turned into a brawl in a small town. The final result is a new name I’ve been called, the Tattooed Warlock. After all that has happened, I enjoyed the excitement and the new nickname. I think I will embroider TW on something easily removable and wear it proudly (when we’ve made some distance from that town). I won’t explain the meaning to everyone, but Malphite and I will know…

…During my vision last night, I was the only one left who wasn’t close to death. I used my superior reach to keep the small enemy at bay as my crew tried to patch themselves up. We were surrounded and I was using my 4 long arms to flail around in every direction while fiercely growling. It appeared to be pretty effective. We weren’t here to harm these creatures, but they insisted on a fight. It seems that they are pretty afraid of a huge girallon…

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 17)

Today, as we entered an inn, Lai was stabbed through the stomach and fell down dying. He was stabbed by the militia captain, who was possessed by the telepathic psionic goblin that escaped from Zeph’s mind. I knew trapping his soul was a bad idea.

Nathaniel took care of Lai while the rest of us went after the captain. Baulder told Zephyrus to stop the captain and he tripped him. The rest of us caught up and a fight occurred. We took down the captain and fought off some of the militia. I had a chance to make use of my first learned summons. They performed well and as expected.

Zeph took out the wrong mind and the goblin fled the scene somehow. We were left with a soulless, living body and Zephyrus with the captain’s soul inside of him. Isto ran full speed to catch up to the fleeing goblin, but couldn’t catch him. It was heading in a direction away from Sheasbury and the undead infested town, so I won’t worry too much about him for now…

We left Zephyrus to putting the mind back into the body while under the protection of Isto. Lai was healed by some kind of magic done by Nathaniel. Nathaniel has a pet and can heal people. He reminds me of Amben. Did the guild replace Amben with Nathaniel?

…I dismissed a power and rejoined with my duplicate after he led the enemy in the wrong direction and put up a small fight. I don’t quite understand that vision yet, but it is interesting.


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