Scars of Suldairia

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 16)
Rasgo journal

We received our second mission. We have subtracted Amben, added Rose officially, and unofficially added Isto. Our mission is to go to a town 4 days away on horseback and save them from an undead onslaught. Their militia is still holding them off, but it’s shrinking by the day. We set off the day we got the mission and have been traveling for a couple of days.

I have been meditating during my free time so far on the road, along with scavenging various alchemical components. We have been introduced to someone that should be joining our party at least temporarily.His name is Nathaniel. I have not had the chance to get to know him, but if the guild likes him, I’m sure I will too.

During my most recent meditation, I had another vision… my party was in a long, drawn out battle and resources were running thin. We needed to rest, but the enemy kept coming. I remember the feeling of fearfulness for some of our less mobile allies, should we become overrun or separated. Because of this, I was saving one final tactic for survival in case the situation became too grim, but didn’t want to employ it without completing the mission. The vision ended as quickly as it began and I never figured out what the strategy was. I have meditated during all of my spare time since then trying to figure it out. I think that information is lost for now.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 15)
Rasgo journal

I was given the honor of officially bringing Rose into the Shadows of the Dawn. She was very excited to join, as expected. I had the chance to talk to Misaha about Isto’s situation and she plans to send it to the correct person, the guild guardian, who spoke to Isto and heard the wrong answer.

We had the chance to appraise the rest of the cave loot with the help of a friendly and wise dwarven jeweler named Drumack. I also had the chance to go over the alchemical items found in the loot. There were several interesting things, and some that remain unknown.

While practicing alchemy at the compound, I came across some exiting new information. We also got a chance to talk to Lucas. From what he said, he sounded legit, and didn’t seem to know what the zealots were doing. Maybe he’s a good liar, or maybe he’s being honest, we can’t tell yet… I was a fly on a wall, listening to a secret conversation, while sending the message to my friend on the outside.

The Light in the Darkness (isto)

Today was a very productive day. After Rasgo and I talked about the event concerning the mask, I went to my source. They were in the same spot as last time. My contact seemed to be upset about how I have not found the name of the Sun Woman Amaurea (which I found later….Amaurea….. Such a pretty name). It cost me plat, but I did get information from this man concerning the White Lord, Lucus, and Mia (who I think might be still hiding something. But I will not press her about it anymore). I met up with the rest of them to tell them what I have learned,and also let them know we were being watched by the crime lord of the city.

But back to Amaurea…. I found her! Her beauty is just magnificent. Its almost otherworldly. I can see why my contact has such interest in her. He must be smitten by her, such as am I. I cannot keep her out of my mind… when I do not concentrate , my mind seems to drift to her……



Anyway, I have decided that I must go out tonight to search for ways to control the mask. Perhaps I will go and speak to Lai or Zeph about it. See if they know of other ways, perhaps if I learn its name, I can have some power over it.

Amaurea…… (this is also scribbled all over the side of the book)

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 14)
Rasgo journal

The tailor gave us nothing but a promise to tell us if she noticed anything strange about the white lord bard, Lucas, who calls the white lord the light bringer. But Isto found some questionable, but possibly good information on him. He’s been recruiting followers through magic means. And Mia knows more than she is telling us.

I made a mistake today and interrogated Mia like she was one of the enemy goblins from last week after she began to dodge the questions. She was very sensitive and not receptive. Rose and Lai talked to her in a more sensitive manner, since they’re good at that sort of thing, and she talked about what she knew that could help us out. It turned out that light bringer followers burned down her town and she had to run, abandoning her family and losing communication with them. These followers seem to demand that you also follow or be destroyed.

After all of that, we all agreed to invite Lucas to dinner to talk to all of us. I will be fully prepared for a fight when we have that meal. I had a chance to smooth things over with Mia and get some practice in. I have been frequenting alchemy shops to learn new recipes today and I found…

I was alone, trapped in a room in a large cave and badly hurt. I healed myself and became a phase spider. At maximum speed, I went through wall after wall, dodging blows by random creatures, making my way to safety. Where was my party?

A new dawn (Isto)

I feel better. My mind is at ease. In fact, last night was the first night I haven’t had a nightmare in years. I dreamed of my fathers idea, the orgiziation working in the shadows for good. Next to me in my dream were my new companions, Rasgo, Lai, Zeph, Baulder, and Rose. They were helping me take down those who were smuggling drugs into a city.

I am going to find those rogues I found the other day. I better bring gold with me this time, since I did not find out that woman’s name. Instead of the other favors I was asking them for, going to ask them about this White Lord and the bard preaching about it. Rasgo seems to want to speak to me. So I best get ready for the day

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 13)

Rose was approached by someone from the guild and possibly passed any hidden tests. The group and Mia had dinner together and saw the white lord praising bard again after waiting around for a few hours. Isto knew that he stayed upstairs. He sang another song and everyone was captivated except for a dog that barked and growled, breaking the trance. Something shortly after spooked him and he retired for the night, despite our efforts to keep him downstairs in the bar with us.

Two shadowy guys were hanging around the area watching everything. It turns out that neither likes the bard. One is following his priestess sister who has been enthralled with the bard for about a week. The other, the dog owner, is quiet about what he knows, but doesn’t seem to like the bard either. The dog seemed to understand what he was saying to me. He will be in contact with us in the future.

This heavy and light ring could possibly… I was a pyrohydra blasting my way down a hallway of ice, clearing the way for my companions behind me.

The evil inside me. (isto)

Now that I reflect and think about it… Did I really respond to Rasgo and that odd woman about my past like that? That cannot be me.. Something must be up. Could it be the Mask? My father spoke of it as a curse and a blessing. Maybe its the curse coming through. I need to speak to Rasgo to explain my actions of last night.

This woman I was searching for, I will abandon it for now. With this dreary day, tonight will be difficult to transverse the streets and rooftops. I need to focus on what is haunting me. Perhaps I need to speak to Lai about the magicks within the Mask.

I will convince Rasgo to let me have another shot at it. This organization of theirs, I presume, have a similar idea to what I want to make. An organization that works within the shadows to slay those who need to be slain. Evil warlords, corrupted politicians, Bandits, etc. That is what I want to make after I seek to destroy those who created the darkness in heart.

Last night I had a new nightmare. I stormed into a house and slayed a man and wife. Soon I saw a little child run out of a room with weapons glowing. I struck him down and looked. IT was me. I am once again becoming the monster. I am tired of running away from what I have done. I need to confront someone and I need to fight this head on. I know I cannot run away from my past, I need to do something about the monster inside of me and channel it for something less destructive. Before it destroys me.

As we stand....

The morning of 12 Tarsakh, 1563DR, has the group awake to rain, and a temperature not far above freezing. It’s chilly, perhaps only 50 degrees Fahrenheit come the warmest point of the day. Many of the merchants are closed today, only ones with heavy canvas tents or wooden structures remaining open, meaning herbalists and grocers are unavailable. The skyline is drab and the complex is grey and dreary. The fishing boats are all in port today, their yields from the past two days enough to last through this rain. Rumbling thunder and the occasional flash of lightning starting a few hours before dawn may wake a few of the group, but just because the weather is bad does not mean that everything stops.
The drum circles at the Smoldering Cauldron Tavern were not active last night, but all the taverns and inns are still open.
The Seven Flask Barroom where Istoaufrien is staying has a bucket next to the stairs on the top floor to collect water dripping from the ceiling, but all the rooms are dry, so long as the window shutters are kept closed. The chimney flue in the common room is open, and a roaring fire in the hearth keeps the chill at bay. It’s more crowded in here than normal, but it’s certainly not packed, about twenty people in the tavern at a time, though there’s not a whole lot of turnover. Today’s fare includes fresh bread, cheese, oatmeal, a soup with lentils, and roast pheasant as their more expensive dinner item of the evening.

The Silver Wanderer lodge where Rose is staying is also a bit more crowded than normal, as patrons are disinclined to brave the weather. It too bears a roaring fire, though it’s roof is better shape. There’s condensation on the glass windows, perhaps a little bit of pooling on the windowsill, but no real dripping. Today’s fare includes fresh bread, cheese, real bacon, a soup with vegetables and chicken left over from last night, and ocean perch for the more expensive dinner item of the evening.

It’s a cold and unpleasant walk, albeit brief, to Theologian’s Row, for those that wish to visit the temples.

Zephyrus has been put up at the Weary Traveler House on Theologian’s Row, so that he might have access to the temples today. Today’s fare is fresh bread and goat cheese, eggs, beef stew, and swordfish as the more expensive dinner item this evening.

The rain will stop shortly after sundown, allowing the group to move about at night, though the ground will be a bit muddy. The cobblestone roads are a bit slick, both during and after the rain. It will reach freezing overnight, but not drop below that.

8 Tarsakh, 1563DR
"Lost Journal"

Yesterday they sent a full battalion to attack us. Raister didn’t even slow them down… I think they even recruited some of our own people. This attack was brutal. We held them off, but took heavy losses. I… I sent Heinrich to the barony between us and Talrega, to report to us (A heavy ink smudge, maybe some mud too) crossed blades on the field. He said “You must submit to the will of Nebuchadnezzar! You must give way to our god!” He aimed to take me… I cut him down. I… I cannot do this. I am sick with grief and remorse. Father was injured terribly by a will worker, who I cut down. He survived the night, but I do not know if he will last much longer. The healers are baffled. He has no wounds on his body any longer, but he will not wake. I think that will worker has ended him, and he is too stubborn to die.
(A triangle of the page…)
(starting here)
(and continuing on a diagonal) at the same time, I am relieved. I have taken ill. I do not
(down the bottom left of the page)er been sick in my life. Perhaps this is because of the war,
(And back out… The top layer of a line or two is torn as well)nce in Raister, and has displayed powerful magics I didn’t know he had at his disposal. The enemy was equal to us in number, but we prevailed… routing the enemy. There is a feast tonight to cele(more of the tear)

Many of our own people crossed blades with us yesterday, (A terrible smudge, with a hole in the paper)ther their loss, nor the loss of the thirteen hundred soldiers who sacrificed themselves to protect him. I hope… I hope I don’t have to die for him,(Another smudge)expendable we all are… I intend to offer everything I have (a hole in the page)
he accepts.

Rasgo's Inner Meditation Journal (Adventure 12)
Rasgo journal

For the past 3 days, the team has been taking care of standard business in town. At least, we’ve done business that’s standard for each individual.

Mia and I have been hanging out the past few days. She seems like a nice young woman, and an excellent psion. I’m not sure if she’s ready for missions that involve combat though. Either way, we’ve learned a lot from each other. She seemed obsessed with crazy hats, but the adventure was entertaining. She’s an odd one, but who isn’t.

Lai got rid of the cloak, Zephyrus is trying to raise his wife, Isto is doing crazy stuff in town, Rose is hanging out in town, Amben is recovering, and Baulder is practicing a different move with his sword as loud as possible.

We saw a bard mesmerize an entire room full of people while singing about the White Lord. Rose appeared angry at herself for getting sucked into the song a few times. Mia said that he was a bad guy that acts like a good guy. I’ll need to see if the guild has any information on this guy or the white lord.

As expected, I had a few visions. The latest vision included me confidently running from a mob of goblinoid creatures through a doorway without a door. Once the last one entered, a door appeared and I turned on them while reaching to touch my two hidden friends. I morphed into an intellect devourer, one friend grew into a roper, and the last friend grew into a behir. We began cutting down their ranks in preparation for a grand scheme.


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