The background is up to you, but if you like we can work together to come up with something.
Think about the following questions:

  1. What you character did prior to becoming an Adventurer, what their family is like, what area they lived in (a town name is not needed as this is a custom world)
  2. Who your mentor was who taught you your skills (starting class): this might be a parent, master, superior, instructor, etc whom you had some sort of apprenticeship under.
  3. Why you chose the life of an adventurer:
    • Some ideas are to seek fame & fortune, to hone your skills, to acquire worldly knowledge, to spread the holy word, to find a lost friend, etc. This does not need to be too specific but you need some kind of drive.

Finally your secrets.
Your character will be casually familiar with the other player characters at the start of the campaign, but no one will know everything about you.
-Think about something about you or something in your past that you would tend to keep hidden from people you meet.
-Also think about something that you might have in common with one other player character, a connection that you don’t have with anyone else since leaving home.
 Perhaps you grew up in the same town as another PC, trained at the same academy or had parents who were best friends, etc.

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