Character Creation

Your characters are special. They are unique, powerful and extraordinary. The fact is that ordinary people in this world just don’t become adventurers, they stay home where it’s safe. Beyond being whatever race and class they are, your character should be unique and exceptional to you. I encourage developing new spells and abilities (or at least new flavors to the standard ones,) roleplaying cool maneuvers and really getting into character. Keep in mind however, that your characters are not the ONLY unique and powerful creatures in the world, nor does the world revolve around them. Things are happening in other places than where your characters are, and not everyone will like or even know of them.

Ability Scores

  • We will be using a 32-point weighted buy system.
  • This ensures equal footing while allowing for some good primary stats
  • For details and examples on how this works, look here: Point Buy System
  • Everyone is encouraged to incorporate Merits and Flaws into your characters
    • Note that points gained from flaws or spent on merits add to or subtract from your 32-point total
  • Remember to add your racial modifiers to your stats afterwards

Character Race

  • All “core” races are allowed (from the PHB,) as are most Forgotten Realms races.
  • Other races will be considered, as long as they have a Level Adjustment of +1 or +0.
  • Players should note that monstrous or unusual races are often treated with mistrust, fear or open aggression by townsfolk.
    The largest area of the charted lands in Suldairia are occupied by the Human nations, however demi-humans are accepted most everywhere within them. Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Gnomes each have their own lands and nations which, while ostensibly at peace with the other nations can become territorial towards those not of their race, sub-race or clan.

Character Class

We will be using Pathfinder versions of the core classes. They include some fixes and bonuses that are preferable to 3.5 core. Addtionally I have some house rules that apply to Wizards and to “martial classes”.
Please see Ruleset for more info.
You are not restricted to the core classes, however due to the unique nature of Suldairia, many realm-specific classes (such as those from Eberron) are not allowed. Generally classes from a random article online will also not be allowed, but some classes from supplements may be allowed – contact me about them first. Psionic classes are also possible.

We will also use the Pathfinder rules for favored class:
Whenever you gain a level in your favored class (starting class) you can choose to gain +1 hp or +1 skill point

Starting Level

Everyone will start at level 2.
More precisely, ECL (effective character level) 2. This means that you can start as Level 2 in one class, multi-classed 1/1 with two classes, or Level 1 with a race that has a level adjustment of 1 (e.g. an Aasimar or Half-Giant).


Any non-evil please


Max HP at level 1. Roll after that, but you may re-roll if you get under half of your HD.
Ex. Fighter may re-roll on a 4 or lower.

Starting Gold

For 2nd level: 4 times the average starting gold for your class at 1st level

Barbarian 400g Paladin 600g
Bard 400g Ranger 600g
Cleric 500g Rogue 500g
Druid 200g Sorcerer 300g
Fighter 600g Wizard 300g
Monk 50g


  • Everyone has a background – these will initially be known only to you and the gms; please do not discuss them before we start.
  • There are a number of questions to answer in your background. You do not need to go into detail initially, you can flesh this out as you develop your character further: [Backgrounds]

Character Creation

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