Merits and Flaws


  • oblivious
  • color-blind
  • easily recognizable (scar, unusual appearance)
  • clumsy
  • poor eyesight / blind
  • poor hearing / deaf
  • unlucky*
  • paranoid
  • Code of Honor
  • Delusion, Compulsion, Obsession, Hatred, Intolerance
  • Phobia
  • Overconfident
  • obsessive-compulsive
  • klepto
  • absent minded
  • trouble magnet
  • Missing ear/eye/nose/hand/foot/leg/arm [permanent/cannot be restored by normal magical means]
  • deep sleeper
  • speech limitation / mute
  • other (dm approved)


  • keen sense (hearing, long distance vision, touch, etc)
  • intuition
  • premonition
  • problem-solver
  • quick reactions
  • lucky*
  • smooth talker
  • ear for languages
  • eye for symbols
  • good balance
  • light sleeper
  • ambidextrous (as the feat)
  • fearless
  • resources (extra starting gold / non-magic equipment)
  • other (dm approved)

- The above are not required, but are highly encouraged: they add flavor and uniqueness to characters.
- Each trait can have a severity of 1 to 3 points:
With 1 point in clumsy you might drop something once in while, 3 points clumsy you can hardly walk without tripping over your feet.
- Merits give negative points while flaws give positive ones
- You cannot have more than +/- 5 points from the merits and flaws, and you cannot have more than 4 total (whichever is more limiting).
- The point balance remaining is added to your 32-point pool for buying stats
Ex. If you took a 3-point merit and two 1-point flaws the balance is -1, so your stat pool becomes 31-points
Ex. If you took a single 2-point flaw you have +2 points so your stat pool becomes 34-points

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Merits and Flaws

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