Raister is the southern central nation of the continent of Suldaire. It boasts fine food and fairly healthy economy, though at this stage, it is mostly the boom of wartime economy. Beautiful vistas, idyllic mountains, natural defenses, many ports, fine planes, and some of the continent’s most fruitful swamps make up much of the topography, with little in the way of normal forest. Most has been cleared in favor of roads to ease trade and troop travel, as Raister is wholly a country of war. The party did not explore the nation much. The topography of Raister is modeled loosely after the British Isles, primarily Ireland.

Government- Despotism
Ruled by Montano Dunbar
Primary export- Conquest
Capital- Helmsford (pop- ?)
Spanning out from the central castle, it began as a castle town. It boasts the finest engineers of the human nations, and is the staging point for all Raisteri military action. It has it’s own military compliment, but how large is generally unknown. High walls assist in making the naturally hilly landscape even harder to siege. Steep cliffs to the west plunge into the ocean, and the only known path from anywhere in the continent to Helmsford is a natural pass in the mountains, which currently houses the impressive Fort Talrega. Dense marshland, which includes the Nevassa Bog, makes up the terrain between the capital city and the mountains to the north, save for a road that snakes about north to Nevassa. The party has heard of a narrow western pass, but the Thander Fields, a place wholly untamed, lies between said pass and the river that separates Raister from Wymoore.
Other Places of note within Raister-
Eldar (pop 200,000+) Filling nearly all of the area not protected by mountains, Eldar is a duchy that holds both the northern and western borders. The vast majority of the war with the Blessed Ones takes place in this duchy, as the Blessed Ones make their stronghold in Ralee. Eldar holds many fine cities, including the largest city on the currently mapped border with Ralee, Umberton. Also, their easternmost mining town, and the source of most of the military supplies and funding, Suria. Not even Baulder knows the name of the Duke in charge here.

Suria (pop 21,000) Nestled against the mountains, Suria is a mining town that very closely guards the veins in the mountain they actually mine. The mountains between Kendora and Raister change remarkably from side to side, so the Kendoran mines on their side of the mountains hold very few clues. Some of the most fruitful land on Suldaire, they have an abundance of vegetables including spinach and potatoes, a dense population of herd animals, and

some of the finest tanners in the world. The nearby Sable Swamp is the only blueberry
swamp on the continent. The mining city is not small, and walled with stone cut from the side of the mountain, suggesting the chain used to be deeper. Outside the walls, a sad little shanty town makes up the rest of the geographic area that is Suria.
Here, the party met Cecelia and Nidalee, found the prison containing Konstantin, a strange prisoner and the only one in his prison, and on the outskirts of the shanty town they also met Soryu.

Daein (pop 55,000) Military fort. It’s population consists of 30,000 soldiers and their families. It fills the border with the Elven Lands, and is the obstacle to enter the country from the east, as well as a fair staging point. Some skirmishes have happened in the not so distant past with the Elven Lands, but none since this war with Nebuchadnezzar started.

Fort Talrega (pop 80,000) Military Fort and Baulder’s home city. It’s population currently consists of 40,000 soldiers and their families, along with skilled craftsmen to keep them well supplied. They are the primary defensive point for the inner kingdom, nestled in a natural mountain pass. Fort Talrega itself does not produce much of it’s own food, with only two small farms to the east and west. They get nearly all of their food from Suria to the Northeast or Nevassa to the southeast. Talrega does not necessarily train new soldiers, as most its typical compliment are veterans. Talrega is a goal for the Blessed Army of Nebuchadnezzar, as it is the only real obstacle other than the majority of Raister’s military forces who have come to meet them in Eldar.

Nevassa (pop ?) Port city with nearby Nevassa bog. They are the primary trade port in Raister, with many resources almost exclusive to this city. The bog’s peat also makes the best whiskey in Suldaire, which is what has them known outside of Raister. Knowledge the party has gained from Baulder and other Raisteri people also tells them the city has the greatest output of goods and food in the country, and is the nation’s only known shipping port.


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