The Calendar of Harptos

Harptosian Calendar
Month NameColloquial DescriptionGregorian month
AlturiakThe Claws of ColdFebruary
Chesof the SunsetsMarch
Tarsakhof the StormsApril
MirtulThe MeltingMay
KythornThe Time of FlowersJune
EleintThe FadingSeptember
UktarThe RottingNovember
The Feast of the Moon
NightalThe Drawing DownDecember
  • The Harptosian Calendar has twelve 30-day months, consisting of three ten-day weeks (called a tenday)
  • The calendar adds up to 360 days a year; thus, five days have been added to the calendar as festival days (Midwinter, Greengrass, Summertide, Higharvestide, Feast of the Moon). These five days belong to no month, but are instead “between months” as listed above.

Shieldmeet is the equivalent of a leap year day in the Calendar of Harptos as this festival occurs once every four years, adding a day to the end of the month of Flamerule. Traditionally the day is used for fayres and gatherings at which people compete in tournaments and the noble people interact freely with the commoners. Entertainment in the form of theatre and music is provided, as well as the option to spectate the tournaments themselves.

The elves have adopted the Harptosian Calendar for the most part, and though the outdated Aryselmalyn calender only used in noble elven universities, it is still widely known among elves. Four years marked one aeloulaev (“when peaces meet” in elven) which ended during the celebration of Cinnaelos’Cor (“The Day of Corellon’s Peace”) and started a new one. Cinnaelos’Cor coincides with Shieldmeet.

The current year is 1563DR. There will be a Shieldmeet this year.

The Calendar of Harptos

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