Scars of Suldairia

A Morning Workout To Top All Morning Workouts

Baulder awoke the first morning of their stay at the monastery well before the sun rose, well before even Alara began to stir to prepare for her morning prayers. He did his damnedest to mimic every subtle, stealthy maneuver he had seen Isto, Moxi, and Testuya preform through their adventures together. And were it not for the dark of the room, and the occasional near silent curse of the warrior knocking into something, one may even believe he had succeeded in barely preforming one or two. Regardless, Baulder snuck his way from the rooms, quietly sliding the door shut behind him. With a few cautious looks about him, Baulder would leave the hallway out into the courtyards of the monastery.

From One of the Many Small Stones Within Baulder’s Pack
Baulder clears his throat before speaking in a hushed tone. “Figure I won’t have another time like this to chat for some time. Hells, I barely have enough time now. But me and the others have arrived at the monastary and too much has happened since the last time I managed to sit down. I’ve grown stronger…I’ve learned more of Moralltach, was able to use even more of its power. It’s…incredible. What’s even more incredible is that Ilmater approved of what I plan to do. I hope I can convince Mystra and Bahamut of the same idea…” There’s a deep sigh before he continues. “It’ll be tough, but I have hope. I have to at least try. Now, it’s time to do some serious training. Each day I see my friends grow stronger, and I have to be able to keep pace with them, without the help of the Fellblade. I’ll do my best to sit down and collect my thoughts next chance I get. But for now, more training and adventuring.”

By the time Baulder concluded his short moment of personal thinking he had arrived within the largest courtyard in the monastery. He wasted no time in setting his pack down in a suitable position out of the way, took a long steady breath…and began a brutal training regimen.

With a warm up of heavy stretching, in the cold morning air Baulder broke into several hundred push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats bicycle lunges, leg lifts and handstand pushups. He took no breaks, only the occasional breather as pushed himself to complete his various sets. By the time he finally finished with his sets the sun was just beginning to rise, and he concluded his regimen with a mile jog about the monastery…and then a mile run about the monastery.

A sweaty mess, Baulder seem satisfied with his workout. Grabbing his bag, he would then go to spend the rest of his morning in the hot springs to cleanse himself, joining the others for morning breakfast.



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