Artist’s amazing rendering [that did not take him an entire afternoon to draw]:


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A five-foot-three half-elf, she boasts nothing in terms of brutish strength or size, rather preferring ranged combat or quick decapitating strikes with the scythe that does nothing for easing into social situations. Truly an example of someone who thrives in their element, Amben can gain the upper hand in a battle in familiar surroundings.

But it seems like she’s out of place among the well-trained and stronger members. Her biggest contribution may be, some would argue, the dire wolf she inherited from her father. Despite multiple encounters with various creatures and deities (Nebucanezzer comes to mind), she still plays the recluse, only speaking when absolutely necessary. It’s as if she’s more interested in something else, some fascinating mystery only she could solve, and everything else is some sort of inconvenience.

Despite whatever reasons for joining, Amben appears to be comfortable with the Shadows group; Comfortable, of course, meaning she hasn’t abruptly left and gone back to her forest. Whatever goals she has in mind, she seems confident she can get to them through this group of oddities and weirdos, a place she finds a strange comfortability in.


Scars of Suldairia Amben