A ludicrously tall and well-dressed elf. He wears no armour, carries a bow, and seems to glide effortlessly wherever he goes.


At 6’4" and probably ten stone soaking wet, Lai looks like he’d be a gawky figure if he wasn’t naturally as graceful as one would expect of his heritage. His skin is rather pale, his hair a solid black in contrast, and his eyes a bright jade. His stride is rarely without an eager bounce, and his pale gold robes and rich purple cloak mark him as an elf of comfort.

And yet he carries a rather simple if well-made bow, accompanied by a hip-quiver of red etched leather, with a smaller map-case of black leather and silver trim on the opposite side. He wears a hardy leather sash beneath his cloak, adorned with pockets and strings. And he’s probably carrying a well-made backpack. How an elf dressed for travelling and adventure manages to keep that pale complexion and his clothes in such good repair is anyone’s guess.

There’s a sense of joy and wonder in the way he stares at things, darts around, and speaks about many things. It’s like he tries to take in everything at once. And when he does so, if he manages to do so, it’s with an undeniable sense of flair, style, and mildly amusing drama.



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