Personal Foci

Personal foci can optionally be used by arcane spell casters in place of material components.
A focus has the advantage of being unique to the caster and are generally easier to keep track of than reagents.
(Divine casters may use their Divine Focus as normal without going through this process)

Creating Personal Foci

  • A focus may not be a weapon, piece of armor or existing magic item
  • Otherwise they can be just about anything, but are usually small trinkets or fetishes
  • A focus must be crafted in some way: cut gems, whittled wood, carved stone/ivory, etc
    • This requires a Craft check of 12+the focus level
    • If the caster cannot craft the item themselves they may purchase one but must personalize it in some way (painting, inscribing, polishing, etc)

Attuning Personal Foci

  • A personalized focus must be attuned once before it can be used
  • The attuning ritual is a lengthy process that though easily learned, takes patience
  • The target DC for a focus is 15x[focus level] (ex. a level 4 focus would have a target of 60)
  • The target is reached by rolling a series of checks using your combined Concentration and Spellcraft modifiers
    • Each check represents 3 hours of attuning
    • Attuning must be continual:
      • If the caster is attacked, falls asleep, eats for more than 5 minutes, etc, the attuning stops
      • The focus remains at whatever level was complete before being interrupted
  • Example:
    A wizard with a concentration bonus of 4 and a spellcraft bonus of 4 wants to attune a level 3 focus.
    Target:15×3=45 Rolls: 14+8, 6+8, 11+8
    This focus would require 9 hours of attuning.
    If the wizard were interrupted after 7 hours, the focus remains level 2 forever
  • Focus Power can be combined at 1/2 value:
    • Four level 2 foci, or 8 level 1 foci could be used in place of a level 4 foci

Using Personal Foci

  • Once an arcane caster has a collection of attuned foci, she keeps them near her when she rests or memorizes spells
  • The foci are “charged” as the spells are readied
  • Charged foci represent a pool of spell energy that they can supply
    • For example 3 charged foci of level 4 power would represent 12 spell levels
    • Any combination of spells (ie a lvl 5, two level 3 and a level 1) could be cast using these foci
    • If your pool of foci levels exceeds the combination of all the spells you could cast in a day, your remaining foci charge will always equal your remaining spells for the day

Personal Foci

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