A popular bard-song and ballad sung throughout much of Kendora, Ralee, Frellisa and Wymoore.

The words vary from area to area and the specifics have surely changed through long years of passing down and repeating.

Some passages from a popular Kendoran version:
The jewel of the coast was lost, Our hopes dashed to the sea.
Victor and his band fought their way back into the city,
Roused the people to take back our homes, drove out the raiders to our glee.

A reluctant hero, the historians wrote, with little interest in glory or fame.
Came from obscurity with a band of companions to save the meek and the lame.

From thence forward our city has been blessed by his protection
Victor of a thousand faces appearing when the need was dire.
Fighting not for a cause or faith but a savior of Kendora beyond compare in recollection.

O Victor, Victor the Peacemaker!

In Maalicho:
(a song with a similar tune about Victor the dragon-friend)

In Raister – NEVER sung to the typical melody, either told solemnly or recited as a dirge. Raisteri soldiers will stop carousing at the bar to listen to the telling like an oath.

Victor the Usurper
End of all things great and grand
Victor the betrayer
Reason for every ill of the land
Bearer of lies, breaker of trust
He thrives on ruin, salts fields to dust.
Pity not the Betrayer for he knows no pity,
Save not the Usurper for he is beyond salvation
Never forgive Victor the Vile
For his deeds are malediction


Scars of Suldairia EternalShadow